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I have always been completely fascinated by buttons and I remember spending many an hour playing with my mother's collection.


So I was completely thrilled when I inherited both of my grandmother's button collections. Of course I let my kids play with them too and it's always a very popular activity.


Lorianne was heading home for the holidays so that was a good excuse to have a household brunch!


In the afternoon Matthew got to go back and play at the Childhood Cognition and Learning lab. It was pretty interesting to watch and Amelia enjoyed playing with the toys outside. I took a photo of the experiment descriptions for those interested.


I was interested that Matthew was quite able to save his marbles and delay getting stickers / candy in order to have more later. In general he eats all the sweets immediately, but I think that's because he reckons that if he's out there is a chance someone will share with him whereas in the experiment he knew he'd get more for sure if he waited. Hopefully this bodes well for saving money in the bank.


For his future item selection he was supposed to bring an apple back for the dragon, but he picked the "wrong" fruit. Later he was telling me about how the dragon liked apples best so I asked him why he didn't bring the apple for the dragon. "I didn't want to" he said. Well okay then.


But the most exciting experiment for me was the marshmallow task. Matthew was left alone in the room with a bell that he could ding at any time to bring the experimenter back. If he dinged the bell, he only got a few marshmallows, but if he waited, he would get more. I was sure he'd ring the bell right away, because he REALLY enjoyed using the bell during the practice. But then it became obvious that he was determined to wait it out. I would have loved to see if he would go the full 20 minutes but about five minutes in it became clear that he had to poo. Badly. He was dancing around completely determined not to ring the bell so mercifully they ended the experiment early but I was sad that we didn't get to try it again and they didn't get useful data for this component. In the bathroom I told him he should have rung the bell if he had to go. "But I wanted more marshmallows!" he exclaimed.


Matthew has been staying at school all day on Wednesdays in the fall term. After preschool ends, the Glebe community centre offers "lunch club", followed by a preschool class. On Wednesdays the theme is "Sports and Games" and Matthew ADORES it. The instructor (Jason) has been declared his "bestest friend". Matthew isn't as keen on lunch club as I gather it's pretty unstructured which seems to be hard for Matthew but he's willing to put up with it in order to go to Sport class.


They've done mazes, obstacle courses, races in little cars and all kinds of crafts, but Matthew's favourite activity is "sky diving". I'm not sure if this is Matthew's invention or Jason's, but I gather they get to jump and land on a giant mat.


Our family, Auntie Janice and the grandmas all dutifully headed to Elizabeth's school today for the annual Christmas concert.


I had warned my mother to keep expectations low. I thought I had inflicted the last concert video on her, but clearly the in-person experience... has to be experienced... to make the proper impression. Let's just say that the grade ones playing the recorder is so terribly bad that we laughed until we cried (just like last year). I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the grade twos were actually not too bad. We expected great things from the grade threes, but Elizabeth's grade was clearly the most musical.


Grandpa wasn't able to attend the concert (his own kids may have given him kid-performance PTSD) but he made up for it by giving a bus stop sled ride.


It was crazy hair day at Elizabeth's school. Auntie Janice helped her do blue hair chalk. Matthew was super jealous so we let him do crazy hair too.


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