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Elizabeth wrote and illustrated another book. "Will you put it on MY blog?" she asked.

She needs to work on her plot development, but given that she refused all offers of help (including spelling), I was quite impressed by the result.

We were fascinated by some of the phonetics - she has a tendency to leave out letters "fed" instead of "friend". "ekuz" is exactly how she says it...

"Walking in the house Hello Kitty found a friend.

The friend played in the sandbox.

Hello Kitty loved the book to read.

Mama laughed you Hello Kitty visitor.

I love you Mom because I have a friend.

Dad I love you because I have a visitor.

The end. Hello Kitty."


Matthew likes to go for walks. Elizabeth has started taking him places. It is terrifying...

We celebrated National Aviation Day with airplane sandwiches for lunch. Then we all got together for the last dinner at Dave and Karen's that we'll have for a while as a family. Elizabeth isn't fond of taking baths, unless she can use Xander's tub. Maybe we need bath crayons too...


We stopped at Auntie Muriel's on the way home. Elizabeth brought her cuckoo whistle just so she could properly say hello to the clock.


Daddy and Grandpa went back to Ottawa to work on the project-that-consumes-all-our-spare-time. I hear Daddy had to work and Grandpa needed to do some chores like visiting the Angolan embassy and renewing his driver's license etc...

Daddy said it was too quiet to sleep... I guess he missed us!

We had one good day splitting our time between Great Grandma and Grandpa (who are now 50 km apart!) and then Grandma ended up in the hospital with a pulmonary embolism. We were grateful for the excellent health care, but of course the hospital was another 50km and she was put into precautionary isolation, meaning we had to gown up during visiting hours. Elizabeth was not terribly amused by the rubber gloves in particular. I think I spent longer coaxing her into the gown than we spent visiting but she ended up having fun playing I-spy.

The kids were real troopers about all of the driving - we went from nursing home to nursing home to hospital and back around visiting with Great Grandma and Grandpa, helping Grandma and getting various things from the apartment. Luckily Grandma arranged for a sled and Elizabeth got a chance to burn off some of her energy that threatened to overflow after many hundred kilometres sitting in the car. She's also become quite the "bury your horses" expert - this is a car game we've played since I was quite small and my mother before me. You count all the horses you see and whoever sees a graveyard hollers "Bury your horses". Everyone else has to reset their horse count. We have a roadkill / fastfood restaurant version but we haven't taught that one to Elizabeth yet... Elizabeth was fascinated by all the horse and buggies and felt quite strongly that they ought to share with her (she wanted a ride too!)

I enjoyed being able to do


We had a family reunion with everyone at Grandpa's new longterm care facility. Mom rented their chapel and we played ticket to ride on the iPad and Scrabble on the iPhone (because we'd all forgotten the real board games!)

Matt and Kelly are expecting!!! (YAY!)

Grandpa was doing pretty well, all things considered.


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