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A guest post by Elizabeth! She had a special adventure with her "brest friend" and asked me if I could tell everyone about it "on the blog".

"I went to Disney on Ice because my friend Adi brought me for my birthday present! It was at the hockey place and there was people yelling 'Who wants popcorn! Who wants hats!'

There was a magic wall and the people in the show could go through it without breaking. I think it was a curtain. There were two handles and a snappy thing attached to the ceilings and they were really cool. The princesses used them to pretend they could fly.

There was steam and there were lights and sometimes it was light and sometimes it was dark and sometimes there was fire (but it wasn't real). Everyone was on skates. They were all persons (Ariel had feet). There was even a crab and a fish and green frogs. There was Rosetta and Belle and Ariel. Some of them even did cartwheels on their skates and could skate on one leg. If I practice maybe I can skate like that when I'm eight.

Adi's grandma got me a tulip hat and a cup that had blue, yellow and green food in it. Wasn't that nice? I think they were little ice blocks with food colour in it. It was very sweet. Adi got a green one with three eyes on it. I got a pink Ariel. Adi and Tristan got cars hats. And we had cotton candy. It was fluffy and green at the bottom and pink at the top. It was yummy but I didn't finish it because it tasted weird and it was my first time.

Adi's brother Tristan came too. His favourite part was the cars. (Daddy asked if he was well behaved - answer: 'well he's three now so yes - three year olds are always well behaved. He looks like a two year old to me but Adi's grandma told me how old he was'). Mommy Michelle and Adi's grandma liked the cars too and Mommy Lise-Anne liked Tinker Bell. I think Adi's favourite part was Ariel on the ice just like me."


Elizabeth recovered her appetite enough to nibble some pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. So far no one else has come down with stomach flu.

In other news, kids have created a little fort between the couch and the radiator. It involves removing all the cushions from the other couch which is slightly problematic since we currently have no other comfortable seating accessible in the house aside from the third floor. Occasionally my feeling-more-pregnant-than-I-actually-am self needs to sit and put my feet up, and three flights of stairs does not help with attempting to rest!

Matthew likes to take his toys, books and snacks into the fort and will sit there quietly humming to himself for a long time, despite the great heat from the radiator.


Grandma invited us to come swimming before lunch today so we met up with Auntie Yukiko and cousins Erika and Maria. There was much playing with tinker toys and of course splashing in the pool.

Everyone likes the water now and Maria has made a ton of progress since the last time we went swimming (and she refused to let go of the ladder!). Now she dunks her head and swims around happily with a noodle. Elizabeth showed off her swimming skills swimming most of the short length of the pool in the shallow end several times before taking off to play shark with Erika - who is a great little swimmer now. Matthew is desperate to imitate, which can be a little scary but we are pleased that all are enjoying swimming so much.

After swimming, my kids ate many, many cookies. Cookies and hot chocolate are a post-swimming tradition at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so although we suspected this meant a light lunch we decided that this is partly what holidays are for ;)

Then it was time to go. Elizabeth got very, very quiet. "My tummy hurts", she said. "I drank too much pool water." And she cried because she didn't want to stop playing with her cousins and it isn't "fair" that Grandma plays with Matthew and she never gets a play date all to herself anymore. We were puzzled about whether she was feeling well, but usually an unwell Elizabeth doesn't eat (even cookies!) and she insisted no bucket was necessary. So we went home. And we practiced piano. And suddenly at the end of the practice she turned green and we barely made it to the newly finished bathroom where she tossed those cookies good.

I was sad because we had been very much looking forward to going to the NAC for their Family Day program with Janice and new (short-term) tenant Lorianne. But then after a short nap Elizabeth declared herself better, ate an enormous amount of lunch and wanted to go out to the NAC. So, we chalked the episode up to too much swallowed pool water or something and headed out.

Cue ominous music...

Actually, the first forty minutes were fine. The kids got their faces painted. Matthew wasn't too keen on sitting still but was very excited to have his first facial artwork ("fly! fly!"). They made puppets and kept a respectful distance from other puppets and giant stilt walkers. There was some tracing as part of a scavenger hunt. Elizabeth won giant rock paper scissors against the champion. Then we were just learning about perspective when suddenly "I don't want to do this anymore", she said with a level of desperation that did not bode well.

Elizabeth and I spent the rest of the afternoon in the public bathroom. Matthew, Janice and Lorianne finished the scavenger hunt and played fun games like giant bowling that Matthew told me about for days afterwards. Then Daddy came and rescued us. Elizabeth insisted on a bucket for the trip from the bathroom to car (it was necessary). We resolved never, ever, ever to ignore our house rule to quarantine for 24 hours after any puking.

It turned out she had strep. Sigh.


Elizabeth has been talking about the ice slides since Winterlude finished last year and we were rapidly running out of time to go to Jacques Cartier park. Unfortunately, her field trip on Friday was cancelled because of the weather (-27C, not including windchill or something).

Saturday was cold too so we chickened out of going before skating. Erika hadn't been to any of the Winterlude activities yet so after church the girls and I headed to the ice sculptures to evaluate whether we were brave enough to try the slides.

We looked at the sculptures and the girls played with the snow shovels for a bit and then we decided to catch the bus across the river to Quebec. Even though there was an "extreme cold warning" and it was -26C with a wind gusting up to 20km/hour. When we arrived, we immediately found the slides. Turned out it was so cold there were hardly any lines. We slide until Erika's ears felt a bit cold, then we went indoors for lunch. Then more slides and a pause for beavertails / hot chocolate. Then a few more slides and on to the bus back to Ottawa. Overall they managed ten different slides (6 individual slides, 3 group slides and the tubing!). The walk home from Dow's lake was admittedly chilly but I think the girls got less cold than Elizabeth did last year when it was 15C warmer, mainly because we were careful to warm up very often and we didn't have to wait more than a few minutes for any of the slides so they could run around more.

We had a blast.


All those Valentine's cards paid off in the form of many smiles today when we opened all the cards we received in return. Matthew insisted on carrying his up and down the stairs with him until he hit on the idea of displaying them on the art wall by the basement. Now he takes people to admire his cards ("MINE"). Elizabeth opted to keep hers upstairs away from Matthew. We thought the "love bug" cards were hilarious, though Matthew was rather frightened of his at first. Eventually he started carrying "bug bug" around with him, but he was very, very, very careful to hold it by the edge of the paper. "Owww" he said - I guess he thought it might sting like a bee?

We had chocolate heart-shaped pancakes with heart shaped bananas for breakfast. After all, if you can't have fun with Valentine's day when can you have fun? Matthew wanted to eat his chocolate flower first but eventually he discovered the chocolate in the pancakes and was persuaded to eat them instead.

In the evening Erika came for movie night (How to train your dragon) and a sleepover. We had heart-shaped sausage and buche de noel Valentine's cake at supper.


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