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Auntie Mary was here to see tulips so we walked to Commissioner's park to admire the blooms. They were pretty much at their peak. You can't really tell from the photos but it might have been the busiest I have ever seen. It was so busy it was challenging to push the stroller!


The flowers were beautiful and the weather was just perfect.


Much faster than I expected, Matthew has earned his first stripe! It's hard to know who was prouder - Matthew or Elizabeth!


Amelia - not to be left out - often spends Matthew's class doing her own version of karate. Her "classes" consist mostly of jumping jacks, push-ups, and jumps while yelling ki-ai! It's pretty cute.


I'm not sure why everyone felt it necessary to schedule all the things Mother's Day weekend, but it was clear it was going to be a busy day.


First up was a special Mother's Day karate class. Elizabeth thought I should go to karate twice, but I opted to just go to Matthew's class on the grounds that it was earlier, shorter AND I got a two-for-one deal because she could help out.


After karate we headed to Matthew's nursery school festival "the spring fling" for lunch. I'd promised to take a shift manning the food booth as I hadn't really participated in any of the previous festivals. The kids all got balloons, and bounced in the bouncy castle and generally loved it. Elizabeth thought it would have been better if they'd had more "big kid" stuff. I pointed out that it was aimed at the under five set. "Oh"


After the spring fling we came home for half an hour to play and last chance to practice recital pieces. Amelia did not wish to shake her shaker but she did manage to make eye contact with the audience and even waved so that's progress.


Matthew started playing his piece before his bum even hit the seat. Daddy has vowed to start videoing the kids getting on to the piano bench (which frankly is one of my favourite parts at that age). He played his piece with great confidence and skill.


Elizabeth played her birthday piece from Auntie Joanne "A Happy Waltz" which was a stretch for her but I thought she did quite well considering. You can definitely hear where she gets less comfortable, but she was still having trouble playing hands together just a few weeks ago so it's really come together.


After the recital, we headed to the quilt show in order to get a chance to vote for some of the quilts. The kids really loved doing the scavenger hunt put together by Auntie Janice. They won fabric from Auntie Janice's stash! The quilts were gorgeous as usual, but more on that tomorrow...


We ended up skipping the tulip festival (we'll do that later), a cool bird festival and the science expo. Maybe next year!


I went to Matthew's preschool for a special Mother's day tea where I was quite impressed to be presented with a gluten free granola bar in lieu of muffin.


Actually all of Matthew's teachers kind of outdid themselves this year! Matthew couldn't wait until Sunday to present me with all his gifts!


Rachel is visiting from Texas so we seized the opportunity to celebrate Elizabeth's eighth baptism anniversary a few weeks early with all of her godparents. We might have also seized the opportunity to have cake and four different kinds of ice cream!


Such a special time together.


May God, in whose presence our ancestors walked, bless you.

May God, who has been your shepherd from birth until now, keep you.

May God, who saves you from all harm, give you peace. Amen.


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