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January 15, 2019

I was too depressed to mention this before, but our replacement pediatrician apparently moved to Toronto in the summer. So once again we are without a doctor. Sadly Dr Lynn does not seem to be coming back, which was Elizabeth's suggestion when I told her.


In any case, Michael had a well baby checkup this morning and was supposed to get his shots, but he's had a low grade fever on and off and has not been eating much of anything for the last two weeks. We figure he's teething and he has a miserable cold so this isn't terribly surprising, and while the doctor agreed that could be the problem apparently not eating and low fever can also be a symptom of a UTI. Since Michael has mild hydronephrosis, UTIs are something everyone gets excited about and we found ourselves headed to CHEO for a urine sample.


"Can't a clinic do a urine sample?" I wondered. Apparently not since she wanted results that day. There is a silver lining though, because our wonderful neighbour who is herself a pediatrician heard my tale of woe and may have found us a family doctor.


Anyway, Amelia has been under the weather for a little while, and her cough has been getting somewhat spectactular. I was hoping that she could be seen at the same time as Michael, but the well baby doctor not only refused to listen to her lungs but since it was "appointments only" we had to go halfway across the city with her and wait an hour to be seen. Unhelpful well baby doctor did pronounce it her opinion that Amelia should be seen today. So we did that before going to CHEO. Just as well, because doctor number two listened to her lungs and immediately prescribed Biaxin, a puffer AND a chest xray.


After a quick lunch consisting mainly of popcorn, we picked Daddy up from home and I took Michael to emerg and Daddy took Amelia to the xray department to see if she had pneumonia.  It didn't take too long to determine that Michael did not have a UTI. I declined to waste anymore ER time and headed home without seeing the doctor in time to get the kids from the bus and take them to their evening activities. I'm assuming Amelia doesn't have pneumonia either but we haven't actually heard.


January 13, 2019

The canal was open again and the ice was supposedly not completely terrible so I decided I was going to go skating. Michael and Amelia are under the weather, and it was pretty cold so we decided they were NOT going to go.


Elizabeth wanted to go on a Mommy-Daughter date pretty badly, so I agreed that we could go without Matthew. Then we'd come home and Matthew would have some one-on-one time with Daddy working on his periscope. This, coupled with a promise of beavertails at home was enough for all to be satisfied with the arrangement.


We met up with Auntie Heather and Andre near Pig Island, and skated all the way downtown. Then we skated back to Fifth to get our Beavertails. By the time we were through we'd done about 9km, apparently.


Auntie Janice has signed up to be a skate patroller this season and she was working officially so we got to wave a couple of times. We didn't get a good photo but Auntie Heather sent me one that she took ;)


January 12, 2019

Dianne reminded me this morning that Home Depot was running a workshop so I dragged the kids away from stalling on their chores and off we went to build stuff.


This month's project was a whiteboard. I managed to demonstrate why one should read the instructions when I "helped" Elizabeth put hers together incorrectly and then stabbed myself with the screwdriver when trying to undo my mistake. Luckily Dianne was there to help! Michael was very obliging and slept through most of the build.


Afterwards we went to Loblaws and Michael had his first cookie.


January 7, 2019

We were all excited to go back to school this morning. Well, actually the kids all demanded an extra day of Christmas but Daddy said nooooooo so that was that.


Elizabeth has a new teacher after hers abruptly announced right before Christmas that she had a six month sabbatical planned and wouldn't be back this school year. Elizabeth seemed less enthused about returning to school than normal but once the possibility of a Christmas extension was squelched she decided she would like to go back after all. Matthew was lukewarm as usual and Amelia was truly enthused.


So of course it was Amelia who woke up "hot" with a fever of 38C. She was sad to miss the first day back. It was my turn to make (rainbow) playdough so she was looking forward to playing with it. But she has caught Michael's cold and the two of them are snotty, coughing and miserable so home's the best place.


She napped a bit in the morning and then later we made her a little nest in the office so she could watch some Peppa pig without Michael "noying" her. By the time Grandma came fever was gone and she was bouncing off the wall.


January 6, 2019

The camels have made it to see baby Jesus. The galette des rois has been consumed and the fève located. Those kids not so keen on almond cakes (the girls) were mollified by the (re)discovery that our gold is made of chocolate.


We smelled our myrrh and actually borrowed Creighton's censer from church. Super cool!


Elizabeth demanded to see some real gold, so we showed her our wedding bands. She was then was horrified by our extravagance when we told her they cost hundreds of dollars. She thinks gold is "too expensive". 


Matthew is this year's Epiphany king and for once there was not too much whining by the kids who weren't so lucky. He was pretty chuffed and insisted on bringing his crown to bed with him. He declared today a "best day" because he got to see his number one buddy at church (even if her hair is different she's still his buddy, he's decided), he got to eat chocolate coins AND he's the king!


After supper we did the chalking of the doors and burned our incense outside - in our PJs. Then we followed the Epiphany king inside singing "We three Kings" laying down our gifts and heading right into bed.


School tomorrow! 


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