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I've been a fan of Toronto's Choir!Choir!Choir! for some time, so when I heard that Ottawa had something similar (but smaller), I definitely wanted to check it out.


The concept is that you come out to sing parts in a choir of modern music / hits. There is no practice and no commitment, which is perfect for me since getting away from the littles for an evening is kind of hard on the ears of the adult(s) left behind and isn't always feasible.


My friend Janice and I duly headed out to 613 Casual Choir's ice cream sing. I enjoyed myself very much.


The raspberries were ripe, so we heartlessly went while Elizabeth and Matthew were at camp. Elizabeth especially was unimpressed. Amelia, however, enjoyed herself very much. She was surprisingly good at picking berries and putting them in the basket, though eventually she tired of picking and settled down to the serious business of eating!


This week Elizabeth was off to her fourth year of farm camp, where she looked after Phoebe the cow and generally had a wonderful time. One of the best parts was after camp when we were "helping" the cows walk out to pasture and the farmer let her have a ride on his cart! (Matthew was too shy)


One of the latest things at the farm is the robot that is used to push the cow's food back within reach during the night. They were working on the roofs all over the farm so there was a lot of hammering and plastic draped all over. On the plus side, we got to watch scissor lifts in action.


Matthew is quite taken with a cow named Dinosaur, so Elizabeth has been giving him daily updates. Though I was sad to discover that MY favourite cow is now hamburger. I can't seem to find any previous entry about it but back when we were visiting the museum every day in 2011(?) there were twin Jersey cows born. The staff made a big deal because twins in that breed aren't common, and the ultrasound tech missed noticing the second twin. I was actually lucky enough to get to see the ultrasound tech in action that year - it was pretty cool! Anyway, Sephora and Safari got a lot of attention and were kept at the farm much longer than usual (usually the boys get sold right away and the girls go offsite from about six months to two when they are ready to start milking). They were SUPER friendly. Elizabeth talked about the time we found that "naughty cow" snacking on the horse feed after escaping from her pen for years afterwards. Anyway, Elizabeth enjoyed her week a great deal and Matthew is looking forward to being four so he can go too.


Matthew had his first week of summer camps at GNAG, a kindercamp with a dragons and knights theme ("Tykes of the round table" - with a name like that, we kind of felt we had to sign up...) There were crafts and games and even a day at the splash pad! He totally adored it and only agreed to come home in the afternoons so that we could go to the farm to see Elizabeth.


We invited the neighbour kids to go for a Pokémon walk down to Dow's lake. Turns out there was a triathlon today so we enjoyed watching the elite women cycle around the lake and then transition to running. Elizabeth immediately decided she might like to do a triathlon after all. We were all particularly impressed to see the athletes leap out of their attached bike shoes and run in their sock feet to their running shoes. The winner started a minute behind the leaders after the bike race but managed to catch up and pass everyone else by the 5km mark. Elizabeth and Simon were inspired to do a little running themselves.



When I asked the kids what they wanted to do this summer, one of their requests was to go for a ride on the train and a double-decker bus.


So when Elizabeth and Matthew decided they wanted to go shopping to spend some of their allowance, I suggested that we take public transit.


Mila and Simon were playing with our kids in the sandbox when it was time to leave, which is how I ended up bringing four kids on three buses and one o-train (Simon stayed home, with promises to bring him a souvenir).


We rode the train to South Keys, captured five Pokémon just hanging around at the entrance to the transitway, bought yogurt drinks, Cheesies, squeezable applesauce, four kinder eggs and three hot wheels cars and then headed to Billings in the hopes of locating a water gun. Unfortunately we arrived after closing. The kids all vowed that if they were in charge, stores would stay open later on Saturdays. I will remind them of this if they ever work retail! All was not lost, as we went to the pet store to ogle the animals and rode up and down the escalators. The mood couldn't stay glum though, as we got to eat Cheesies at the back of the top level of a double-decker bus.


Lots of rather jaded transit riders couldn't help but smile at the kids who were SO EXCITED to be on the bus.


We happened to get off near a Shoppers, so we went in. Elizabeth and Mila bought stuffies and Matthew found a water gun. We walked home tired but happy.


Uncle Mark is back from Taiwan, so we went over to Grandma J's for his birthday.


We went swimming before supper. Elizabeth spent much of her time swimming under the water and popping out close to Amelia to make her laugh. Matthew paddled himself around. Amelia climbed in and out and in and out and in and out of the pool.




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