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Maria had a really cute graduation cap out of cardboard, but she really didn't want her photo taken at all. But it was adorable, even if the concept of graduating from junior kindergarten seems all wrong to me!

She did put on a great end of year concert (singing! dancing!) which I'd be happy to inflict on anyone who didn't already see it...


Sometimes I look back through my pictures and I am reminded of ALL THE THINGS that happened on that day and it was so busy that I am exhausted just thinking about it. There's nothing to write about because just living it the first time took too much energy to even contemplate reliving it on paper.

Sometimes the pictures remind me of moments that I want to remember forever - like when Auntie Mary visits for an evening on her way from Hippo House to Up North.

Here is Elizabeth drinking her juice with a curly straw ("like a grown-up" even though I don't think many adults in her life drink juice or even use straws) and so determined to grow out her bangs (to match Adi). I remember trying to grow out my bangs and finally giving up in disgust and cutting them off at the hairline because it was so annoying. I hope Elizabeth doesn't think of doing that.

Here is Matthew in seventh heaven brushing his teeth in a FORBIDDEN PLACE secure in the knowledge that Elizabeth can't tell him off because it was Auntie Mary's idea...

Here are the ducks from our walk around the lake on a gorgeous day and I'm happy because it was such a lovely walk and I'm sad because Up North feels very far away today.

These pictures probably aren't worth a thousand words to anyone. But they might make me feel a thousand emotions.


I could start this year's Father's day post by simply repeating what I said last year...

"Father's day opened with breakfast in bed (Daddy got to sleep in!) After church we headed to Grandma and Grandpa J's for palatschinken and marillenknoedel."

Except that I don't think Daddy got attacked by his children last year with quite the same ...vim. Elizabeth had secret surprises from school that she was very keen to give him. I finally got around to making Grandpa Christian's Christmas present. Daddy got a matching one for Father's day. I had thought about making a whole bunch of shirts at the same time but turns out two is my limit given my children's current ...enthusiasm.

Matthew really liked the chocolate palatchinken. So did his shirt. And pants. And every surface nearby. We forgot a change of clothes, so he spent the rest of the afternoon running around in just a diaper.

We celebrated Uncle Chris' birthday too with a sachertorte immediately afterwards. I don't think anyone ate much supper!


Brendan and I feel strongly that it is important to vote. We hope to pass this on to our children and have brought them with us to every single voting opportunity - municipal, provincial and federal. In the next year it looks like we get to do all three, and first up was the Ontario provincial election.

Elizabeth was interested in knowing how Mom and Dad make up our minds about who to vote for (though she really felt that HER name should be on the ballot... eep) I explained that we listened to the promises each candidate made and then decided. Figuring that she'd be most interested and able to understand those promises relating to education, I read her a few.

She didn't think much of the idea to cut kindergarden class ratios from 2:26 to 1:20. (We didn't think much of that idea either!) But I was surprised that she wasn't interested in the promise of adding an extra hour of physical activity. "I like the amount of 'recrée' [recess] I get NOW" she said firmly. "If I had more then I wouldn't have enough time for 'do-do' [naptime]"


At sixteen months everything is a challenge to be climbed. When I was a kid, I remember climbing on top of our fridge or my wardrobe so I could scare my mother. At the time I thought it was funny. Now I think an apology might be in order. He can climb onto our bed. He can climb into Elizabeth's top bunk of her bed. He can climb up and reach the stovetop. Basically nothing is safe anymore...

One compensation is that Matthew has started napping again, especially if we put him into the car at a strategic time...  Perhaps this is partly because he isn't sleeping all that well at night. He's been growing all the rest of his teeth (four at a time really shouldn't be allowed). It's pretty sad - he signs hurt, hurt, hurt while pointing at his mouth. Then "all done". It got bad enough that he stopped eating for a few days - even turned down chocolate (!)

He is definitely not a breakfast person. We struggle to get him to eat anything in the morning, though he sometimes will eat grapes, bananas, rice or corn on the cob. What? You don't feed YOUR kids corn on the cob for breakfast?

Actually in general he seems to be getting pickier but then from time to time - surprise! he suddenly eats a previously rejected food. He loves his nori and eats meat and fish quite reliably along with rice and many vegetables. Loves chocolate too - but won't even taste many things that look "different" so even something chocolate might get rejected. He hates ice cream (is this my kid?!) because it is too cold. He doesn't even like chocolate mousse (texture?)

He's getting more into pretend play. A favourite game is "bedtime". He will read you a story and cover you up with the blanket. It takes a very long time to get the blanket arranged to his satisfaction!

His favourite toy is a pretend drill - he especially likes to take apart the air conditioning vent and pretend to "fix" it. He likes to take it for walks in the little pink stroller - partly because Elizabeth does NOT trust him with babies or animals. I gather he dumped the stroller one too many times...


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