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Apparently (judging by the extremely statistically reliable sample set that is our prenatal class) most couples have no idea what is actually involved in having a baby.  Today we watched a series of videos which followed couples through labour and delivery.  While generally not trying to be indecent these videos did provide reasonably graphic views of the actual delivery (although nothing more than you get on TLC).  Many of the people in the class seemed to be genuinely shocked by these scenes.  Where have these people been?  Is our education system so non-offensive now that people don't even know how babies are born?  Yikes!


We spent this evening practicing breathing patterns and learning “how to relax”.

There’s nothing quite like sitting on the floor in a darkened classroom, leaning against your spouse and listening to eight other couples giggling as we all attempt to provide our partners with an opportunity to practice appropriate labour coaching techniques.


Baby is still alive!


I had my first midwife appointment and she's really nice. So the tentative plan to have a home birth has passed the first hurdle. And... we got to hear the heartbeat again.


So today at least I know for sure I'm still pregnant.


Brendan is amused by my relief.


News of the pregnancy has been made “public”, except at work.


I confess I feel a little superstitious about the pregnancy - I feel that if I tell people the baby becomes less real (maybe I wanted to be pregnant so badly that I tricked the world into believing it). Which is ridiculous but I'm not always entirely rational.


Church on its knees helped a bit because Father Dave talked about God has control over his plans and will take them through to completion and then I was reminded through Ps 31 to make God my refuge (and the point was hammered home in John 15 "Abide in my love"). It's a bit easier to panic though.


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