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February 21, 2011

Angie, Elizabeth and I went to Billings Estate for Family Day activities this year. We were a little sad that the house was closed due to renovations, but Angie got to buy some authentic Billings tea.


I got to snowshoe for the very first time, which was very exciting!  Elizabeth didn't want to try "self" so I carried her instead "ike a baby".  Luckily the snow was pretty packed down so it wasn't too challenging, although I did keep forgetting which foot I needed to move first in order to turn (the outside one).


After snowshoeing around the house, we roasted marshmallows and went on a horse-drawn sleigh ride.  Elizabeth was so charmed by the "horsey walking" that she forgot all about pretending to be a baby for a bit.


February 20, 2011

On Friday, it was nearly 13 degrees celsius - a beautiful sunny day.  Things were melting so fast that you could hear melt water rushing off roofs all over the city.  It was also really windy so it felt like it was raining continuously in our backyard with all the water droplets being blown off the roof.  Very strange and obviously the canal had to close.


Usually I cheer the first signs of spring, but family friend Angie was due to arrive from England to skate on the canal and winterlude wasn't over yet.  So we all prayed hard for cold weather and were very pleased when part of the canal reopened early Sunday morning.


Janice, Angie, Elizabeth and I decided to skate home from church.  We admired the somewhat melted ice sculptures, and noticed that quite a number of them had either disappeared entirely or had pieces missing.  New sculptures were being carved while we walked through.  I have to say that while I was disappointed with the lack of sculptures the first weekend, the strategy did pay off.  There were new sculptures being created pretty much throughout the entire Winterlude festival, giving people a chance to see how they were done and preventing the weather from interfering with the sculptures too much.


The canal itself was crazy crowded ("rush hour on the canal").  We laced up next to an older gentleman who allegedly was wearing Bobby Orr's old skates and hadn't skated in thirty years.  He had a wrist brace on one arm from a "nearly healed" wrist fracture that he'd received skiing.  I told him to be careful but wished he had someone or something to hold on to because I was nervous he was going to break something else!


When we got home Uncle Dave found a strange lump in our couch.  Then the lump decided she'd like to paint so we tried out Crayola's "mess free" Color Wonder fingerpaints.  They are a little strange.  I think they'd be better if the paints weren't all clear goo when you put it on the paper. I have to admit that they ARE less messy, but I'm not sure I'd buy them again.  I missed the visual feedback of real paint (and being able to actually mix the paints together).


February 19, 2011

Erika was telling Brendan about her day a few days ago. 

"I went to pottery class and then I went to sleep."

Brendan: "Oh?  Are you asleep?"

Erika: "No, I woke up again."

Brendan: "Oh, did you have a nap?"

Erika (horrified voice): "No! I don't like naps!"

Brendan: "Isn't that what it's called when you go to sleep and wake up again?" 

Erika: "Bye Bye!"


February 18, 2011

Elizabeth taught Daddy how to play chess the other day at the Museum of Civilization, in between bouts of colouring.


"There's a black horsey, and a white horsey and they go walking"


The chess set was captivating.  Daddy was surprised that it held Elizabeth's undivided attention for a good fifteen minutes.


February 17, 2011

We took advantage of free admission to the Museum of Nature after supper tonight (they have free admission every Thursday evening).


Elizabeth wore her new green "froggy" shoes and they seemed to turn her into a toddler on the blur setting.  The security guards seemed quite amused to see her go charging into exhibit after exhibit.  We didn't get to the basement or the dinosaurs but we saw pretty much everything else.  The museum seemed pretty spacious without all the opening day crowds (!) and I finally got to see the back of the blue whale exhibit. 


Brendan's description of the evening: "We got there, Elizabeth went waaaagh! running, running, running waaaagh! [hands waving in the air wildly] until we had to go home. Then she said bye bye. The good news is that we seem to have successfully worn her out."


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