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We haven't accumulated anything significant yet, and there's still no sledding or snowman building, but there have been a few flurries interspersed with freezing rain and more freezing rain.


Turns out Elizabeth currently loves winter. She'll play outdoors as long as we'll let her, even if she's gotten sopping wet from the slush that's masquerading as the real thing.


Anytime Daddy goes outside to clear the driveway, Elizabeth's right there with her boots and snowsuit ready to help. She'll take any excuse to play outside! Actually, it's a little frightening because her desire to frolic in the snow has spurred her most recent developmental milestone: she now knows how to unlock and open our front door. Luckily we do have an alarm system that will alert us if she does so without permission (but those of you with codes DO need to make sure you do not share them with Elizabeth lest we need to change them...)




We've been a bit more intentional about celebrating the various liturgical seasons this year, which gave me the perfect excuse to make fancy food for breakfast. Even Elizabeth's babies joined us for this special meal...


There wasn't much but Elizabeth wanted to go sledding anyway.


Auntie Janice has an incredible stash of crafty stuff. She's been decluttering and using up supplies so decided to have a candle making session.


We had difficulty locating a pink candle for our advent wreath, so took the opportunity to dye a white candle the appropriate colour.  Elizabeth was fascinated.


Note to self: when making candles, locate new tin cans first. Older ones may leak where they have rusted through, making for a tedious and painful pot clean-up. Aged mold sealant is surprisingly difficult to work with, but leaked wax does make for funky shapes on the paper as it cools.


The decision point for a c-section is now 34 weeks (yay!) but the next ultrasound has been delayed until 32 weeks (boo!) At this rate the gender really is going to be a surprise!


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