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August 26, 2014

We made a quick detour on the way back from London to see Great Grandma in New Hamburg. We only had about 20 minutes to spare because school starts tomorrow, so we said hello and helped Grandma to dinner and then went on our way.

Elizabeth was thrilled to get a ride on Grandma's lap down to the dining room!


August 25, 2014

The best part of the London trip for Elizabeth was getting to play with her second cousins. Matthew was very suspicious of the baby (THAT DANGEROUS BABY!) but quite enjoyed running around and somersaulting off the couch with the older two. Elizabeth and Lily got dressed up in doll clothes (18T!) and did whatever Kaitlyn asked. I think Kaitlyn is having fun playing Mommy...

Phil had rigged up a zip line in the backyard which was super popular. Matthew isn't big enough to go by himself, but Elizabeth didn't take long to figure out how to climb on all by herself. We were very amused that she then explained how to all who would listen, including Uncle Phil - who had taught her in the first place! We'd like one in Ottawa, though I'm not sure where we'd put it...

We picnicked at the splash park. Uncle Phil made sure the girls all got soaking wet by playing a Frisbee game with them. They had to follow wherever the Frisbee went - sneaky!

It was a super fun weekend and we really enjoyed our all-too-short time to reconnect. Elizabeth is now really keen to visit Chad. Which is in London. (Geography: not her strong suit)


August 24, 2014

We headed to London, Ontario immediately after camp in order to squeeze in a little trip before back-to-school. I think I've mentioned that Brendan and I are not big fans of travelling (time for a teleportation device!). But the kids seem to be pretty good in the car. I switched up the toys for this trip and we drove all the way without stopping other than for lunch!

We'd tried to visit London at Christmas to visit my Aunt Maybeth and Great Aunt Vera, but we all had the plague. Now my cousin Phil and his wife Merilee were home from Chad (Phil's a pilot with MAF), with their girls. Kaitlyn and Lily visited us in Ottawa in 2012 and we hoped we could connect again especially since they just had another baby girl - Evelinne!

We went to church with Auntie Maybeth in the morning and then hung out at a pretty cool park for a while. Elizabeth and Matthew approved, especially of the giant spinning climbing web. Then we went to a restaurant for lunch (Swiss Chalet, of course, to Elizabeth's great delight). After lunch, a visit with Great Aunt Vera.

We were thrilled to also be able to connect with my cousin Arno (once removed? I lose track after a while) and his kids - I don't think I've actually met them all aside from Facebook. Great Aunt Vera is a fantastic artist and although the kids spent most of their time hanging upside down off the couch I enjoyed the visit a great deal.


August 19, 2014

Erika, Maria and Elizabeth had a week of Aviation and Music camp run by Sonart at the Aviation and Space museum this summer.

Here is their report:

Day 1

Elizabeth: "We had a tour of the museum. Me and Maria found everything but the boys didn't find the smoke. Remember the airplane you can go on? I went on that with Maria. Basically, like this is actually quite true. I went around to a different room and through the funny curtain and the teacher gave us rules. That was the first part I did that day. And I had snacks and stuff. I played on the playstructure with my friends. And like we made a sand castle. Like we built it really high. Yeah. Io liked our classroom. I liked playing the violin. I can actually play really fast and can play so much songs.

I saw Auntie Janice twice and she waved!

When mommy picked us up I was surprised to see Isabelle and Xander and I liked playing on the playstructure again!"

Day 2

Elizabeth: "We went on the airplane. We couldn't see cars or people because it was too high. We could see trees and the lake and the canal. Erika and I got to sit in the front. The pilot sat in back and he had chains to help him move the pedals. The airplane had no roof! The wind was blowing my hair!

We made airplanes today too. Mine has a stabilizer and it can change to waterskis. It has a part in case of fire to spray water."

Day 3 (We had a sleepover too, hence the photos in pjs. And Auntie Janice drove them to the museum!)
Elizabeth: "I made a sculpture out of lollipops with marshmallows. They were so gooey but you can't eat them because they were bad. That's why we could make a structure."
Maria: "I played the drums and I was soooo cooool. They went badda badda boom. And I learned how to skate on the floor"
Erika: "First of all we made marshmallow things.
Then we dressed up like astronauts. We had NASA hats and felt helmets.

Elizabeth: "We went into the space part of the museum. We saw a space toilet and Auntie Janice. I let her borrow my headband. Everyone laughed."
Erika: "We each gave her a high five. We saw a big globe and a handprint that if you pressed on it, it told you about the astronaut."

Elizabeth: "My favourite astronaut is Chris Hadfield!"

Erika (witheringly): "EVERYONE's favourite astronaut is Chris Hadfield. Elizabeth and Maria went in a toy spaceship. And we had music class."

Day 4
Elizabeth: "Today we did music outside because we couldn't inside."
Erika: "We found "Buggy". He's a cicada who isn't feeling well."
Elizabeth: "My best thing was doing the obstacle course. We went through the things and the tunnels and we got the airplane and We went under the cloud."

Maria: "They were balloons."

Elizabeth: "They were called a cloud."

Maria: "...but they WERE balloons. "

Erika: "anyway there were lots of pictures in the cloud. After that there were balls that you could slingshot on a sticky board. All of us got 2000 slam points. These are points that you have to get for the ceremony at the end. There are invisible slam points too. They know you have them but you don't."

Last day:

Maria: "it was AWESOME."

Elizabeth: "We saw the ejection seat demo. Ohhhh mama do you know me and Erika and Maria got lots of slam points and no one else. They were good because that means the teachers were happy with you. And we got to watch planes. It was super awesome. Didn't we do a great show?"

Erika: "My favourite part of the camp was the airplane ride!"

Elizabeth: "I'm going to come again next year!"


August 18, 2014

I took Matthew, Isabelle and Xander to the aviation museum to pick the girls up from their first day of aviation camp (and give Auntie Karen some time to prepare for Dave's party that night!)

I was pleased to be able to use the van to capacity - six kids, Auntie Janice and me! The kids were LOUD.

The party was everything a birthday party should be. Lasagna, chocolate confetti, candles and cake!


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