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June 23, 2016

Matthew was awfully excited that it was HIS turn to celebrate his baptism birthday today. Since we don't live in the same city as Uncle Ryan and Auntie Janice's new diet makes travel more difficult for her, it's harder to get together with his godparents. So we decided to mark the occasion on the actual anniversary and we'll visit Ryan a little later. Matthew figured out that meant more cake so any momentary disappointment vanished quickly.


Today was also the LAST day of grade one for Elizabeth. She's very excited to start grade two, but sad to leave her beloved teacher Mme Marie-Claude. It was a really great year.




June 22, 2016

Matthew had a slightly stuffy nose that he has insisted on SNIFF SNIFF SNIFFING in for the past few days. Elizabeth has been complaining bitterly about the aggravation of listening to him sniff at bedtime. We have tried very hard to get him to blow out instead of in, but "me not want to". Predictably, he has been complaining about his "owie" ear. After a night of no sleeping without Tylenol AND heat pack on his ear AND mommy to help hold his ear just right I decided enough was enough and packed him off to the walk-in clinic to see if there was anything else to be done. I was also motivated by Matthew suddenly peeing his pants every thirty minutes - wondered if he'd somehow picked up a UTI or something as he is normally able to use a toilet fine (though reminders required when he's into something more fun).


The wait time was allegedly ten minutes, but an hour later Amelia was done her nap and there were still three people ahead of us (down from seven upon arrival). I guess everyone else saw the ten minutes too! Of course I forgot diapers. Of course we needed one. Eventually they called us in to get weighed and wait for the doctor and I got very excited when they explained he would see us "soon". And then cranky when it turned out that by "soon" they meant I needed to entertain Matthew and Amelia in a small windowless clinic room for 25 minutes. All Amelia wanted to do was lick the floor (no), open the drawers (hmm) and unwind the paper (um no). Eventually I resorted to running the water in the little sink and letting her splash, because Matthew was complaining that her constant shrieking was hurting his ears.


I might have been a wee bit cranky by the time the doctor finally got around to us. Luckily he was extremely nice and even better it turned out that Matthew's ear warranted antibiotics. I guess my wallet was not so excited about the antibiotics but I was hopeful for a better night's sleep soon...


June 21, 2016

Elizabeth had a "sortie" to Ferme Drouin today (bouncy castle! tractor ride! animals!) and it was supposed to be one of the coolest days of the week (read: not over 30C) so I decided it would be a good day to go to a farm of our own to pick strawberries.


Grandma J came over bright and early and Matthew, Amelia and I drove to Rideau Pines. We were able to borrow a little wagon to carry Amelia's car seat, which was very convenient. Matthew was thrilled to get a ride on the way to the strawberry fields, since the cart wasn't yet full of strawberries.


He was a surprisingly helpful strawberry picker and we soon filled our baskets without any serious complaints. Amelia slept through the entire picking time. She woke up just as we were leaving and was THRILLED to discover baskets of strawberries had materialized right beside her personal chariot. She refused to get out of her car seat, instead perched there helping herself all the way back to the marketplace.


June 20, 2016

The big kids needed new shoes so we went to the store. Last time we went Elizabeth insisted on getting laced shoes, but apparently the novelty has worn off since this time she was looking for Velcro. She's now at the size where the options in Velcro are quite limited. She would have liked lights, but they only had light-up shoes in her size in a Frozen theme. And apparently Frozen is not cool anymore, or at least not those particular shoes since she "already had a pair exactly like that" and also "the pictures wear off".


After consultation with her brother, she decided to get Spiderman shoes so that she could match him. Sometimes this particular sibling pair is quite adorable.


"Lilbeth" Matthew recently asked. "When I 'tart going to school on da bus wif you, tan I sit next to you? On da bus?" "Yes" replied Elizabeth. "Oh dood" he exulted "Tuz I DO yike you Lilbeth. I yike you yots"


June 19, 2016

It's Father's day today. Usually we'd let Brendan sleep in before papering him with homemade cards made with much love and enthusiasm but it was mud race day. So we made him get up early instead.


Next door neighbours Noemie and Alex were doing the Junior Spartan race too, which was nice because I was able to follow Trevor to Edelweiss. He parked close to the race course, but I got waved on to the next parking lot which turned out to be far enough away to need a shuttle. Since we had wanted to stay together, as soon as I realized that was what was happening I turned around and went back to see if I couldn't possibly park near him. They gave me one of the last spots! Dianne was less lucky and they had to wait for the shuttles forever. Aidan and Caitlin ended up running in the heat behind Elizabeth and Alex so we had some extended cheering opportunities.


It was brutally hot - apparently all we need to have a really hot summer is to sign Elizabeth up for a race every weekend... Elizabeth had dozen blisters after doing too many monkey bars at Theo's birthday party but she still insisted on practising for the race climbing the rope at our neighbours and trying the monkey bar setup at Spartan. Of course she ripped her hands right open and needed some minor medical attention. Bandaids just sweated right off so the medics told her to come back after the race for more saline and new bandaids.


I was surprised by how steep the race course was. The kids took off running fast and then pretty much everyone walked up the first hill. Elizabeth did well - she kept running at a surprisingly steady pace. I might have to prepare myself more physically if I'm going to help Matthew with this one next year!


She and Alex stayed close together up until the first obstacle and after that he gradually pulled away. She did great on the running part but the obstacles slowed her down a great deal. She was very careful going over each part and lined up behind other kids to wait her turn, even at the tunnel when there were three empty ones! Oh well - she still did great and had fun but I did have to giggle at how polite she was. Her favourite obstacle was a bit like a spider web made of ropes. They don't time the kids so I have no idea how long it took her. Definitely less time than it would have taken her parents...


She didn't get very muddy at all because strangely they didn't have barbed wire in the kids version so the kids mostly just stood up into the net to avoid the mud. I told her next year she'll have to roll in the mud. She said she might, so she can give me a mud hug.


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