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November 24, 2016

I grew up overseas where winter meant lots of grey rainy days and a few flakes covering the ground was cause for cancelling school. I don't think we built more than two snowmen during my entire childhood. In fact, one was not even a snowman but a snow rabbit. Although we used all the available snow from our yard and two neighbour yards the result was pretty small, muddy and rather pathetic looking.


So I find my children's enthusiasm for snow and winter rather perplexing. When we first moved back I confess I kind of hated winter, but somehow I've learned to thoroughly enjoy it. It probably helps that my kids do too.


All that to say: Snow around here is cause for great celebration and we're looking forward to an excellent winter.


November 21, 2016

Elizabeth insisted that Rachel and Creighton needed to come over for dinner, as they do periodically.


I can't remember what made her think of it but Elizabeth insisted she had to draw something for Rachel. Eventually it morphed from "pick something out of my book and draw it" (I think because whatever it was wasn't cooperating) and turned into "guess what I'm drawing". This of course never ends well, but it's particularly challenging when the clues are things like "it's an animal" and the end result turns out to be an imaginary creature that Elizabeth just invented on the spot.


November 19, 2016

As per tradition, I brought the kids to a couple of the Come Sing Messiah rehearsals. Elizabeth and Matthew both sang along to more than one song. Elizabeth is actually capable of following the music now, which is pretty exciting.


I still didn't tempt fate by keeping them for more than half a rehearsal. Amelia lost patience much earlier than her siblings and ended up climbing up and down and up and down the stairs while we waited for snack time. So she only got to come once...


Matthew showed he's been paying attention at music class when he excitedly noticed a symbol he recognized in the script. "FORTE LOUD!!", he hollered enthusiastically - right into a lull in the rehearsal. Fortunately everyone laughed and Alan Thomas commented that he'll be a great soprano soon.


November 18, 2016

We had planned to meet Karen, my mom and the kids at the Nature museum in order to visit the reptiles but one thing led to another and by the time we arrived Theo was ready for his nap.


So Karen let us kidnap the older two and we had a lovely time checking out the latest special exhibit on reptiles. We were lucky enough to be there for feeding time of the big alligator turtle! Matthew was the only kid brave enough to get his picture taken beside the turtle and he wasn't too sure about being that close...


The Gray Jay was recently been recommended as Canada's national bird, so of course we had to go and find it.


November 13, 2016

The neighbour kids have been "helping" us rake our leaves. Amelia greatly enjoyed helping as well. Surprisingly (or not?) Amelia's assistance was more useful than the big kids since they mostly raked leaves into a pile so they could jump on them from the swing...


Amelia also enjoyed helping Auntie Janice plant our newest tulip bulbs. Cutest thing ever!


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