February 27, 2017
A stuffy birthday

You might recall from last year that Elizabeth's stuffed raccoon "Rocco" has a birthday on February 27th. If not, that's okay - I didn't either until the children very sweetly asked if they might have cake and candles. I was tempted to retort that they'd had quite a lot of cake and candles already this month in the ordinary course of things but I too have a sweet tooth, so cake it was!


In a remarkable coincidence, Matthew's stuffies tend to share birthdays with Elizabeth's, especially when there is a birthday celebration looming.


Angie and Auntie Mary helped finish cutting out a pretty amazing dinosaur puzzle that I'd printed originally for his birthday party and Matthew decided it just HAD to be dino's birthday. The dinosaur actually was intended to be made out of wood but it worked already out of card stock.

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February 26, 2017
Elephant video game party

I was pleasantly surprised when Elizabeth announced she only wanted to invite three people to her party. "It's just my very best friends", she said. "At least the ones that aren't already coming to the pool party!".


Turns out that she actually had five very best friends that absolutely HAD to come to her party. Three from school (Adi, Olivia and Vita), one from church (Karis) and one from swimming (Ruici).


She decided that what she wanted to do was to play video games. I might have suggested a few extra activities because just video games seemed like too much screen time to this mama. Decorating shirts was super popular. Hitting the tennis ball with the panty hose "elephant trunk" was interesting only for about two minutes.


Everyone seemed to have a good time.

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February 25, 2017
Pool Party

The deal with our older kids was that they could have a small "friends" party, if they agreed to combine their so-called "family" parties. Since the pool has a bigger guest capacity than my house, and since both Elizabeth and Matthew wanted to invite some of the same people to their parties, the guest list morphed into family/neighbours/close friends of the family.


It was super fun. We kept the dinosaur theme from Matthew's friend party earlier in the month and added elephants for Elizabeth.


After the party we wound down by taking photos with bear, as we do...


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February 23, 2017
Snowy Winter

It's been a pretty snowy winter, which means lots of sled rides to the bus stop for the kids and much playing in the snow.


It's not so good for skating on the canal, but the kids are having a ball nonetheless.

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February 20, 2017
Aviation Museum

Lorianne's family came for supper while Angie was here, and we introduced them to fresh pasta and lemon schaum tarts.


In addition to skating, we dragged Angie to the Aviation museum this visit where they were having a special music camp promotion. Amelia napped while the older two tried out all the things (especially the drums!)


Then we did the "mail must fly" tour, which was mainly notable when someone tossed their cellphone from the second story instead of a parachute. The cellphone did NOT survive the trip down.

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