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March 12, 2017

In honour of our friend David's fortieth birthday, Brendan and I spent an afternoon flinging axes across the room.


After a number of practice throws each, we all got a chance to play three round robin games of five throws each. I won one of my games and came close with the other two. Okay, so one wasn't so close but it would have been if my axe hadn't first stuck and then fallen out, losing me all my points and rattling my composure...


In any case, I didn't make it on to the top eight, but Brendan started in the top three before getting eliminated by our friend John in an epic tie-breaking sudden death showdown with a double-sized axe.


It was a fun way to spend an afternoon.


March 11, 2017

Lauren, Donna and their three kids passed by Ottawa on their way skiing in Quebec, so they stopped for a quick overnight visit.


Elizabeth, Matthew and Amelia were delighted to play with Lindsay, Anna and David again. There were numerous games of hide n seek. David especially enjoyed the very large box we have cluttering up our living room at the moment.


My kids were very sorry to see them leave.


March 10, 2017

Elizabeth was invited to join the Douvris national karate team. Since the extra training commitment turned out to be far less than feared, after much hmm-ing and ha-ing and discussion with other parents (both who had joined but dropped out of tournament team and those who stuck with it) we decided to let her if she was willing.


The main negative from our perspective is that we will need to travel (yuck) a few times to participate in the tournaments, but at least there are a few that are near family (so we can combine a visit) and some that are close enough for a daytrip.


The extra training is also kind of late, but it sort of frees up Friday afternoon and early evening to play so assuming that Elizabeth can handle the schedule it actually works out better.


She really enjoyed her first training session - with new "super comfortable" uniform - especially when one of her teammates gave her a chocolate timbit at the end to welcome her.


March 9, 2017

Elizabeth's class gets to bring home the class bear for a couple of days. She had "Coco" from Monday afternoon to Thursday morning and had to bring him to all of her activities, photograph him and write about it.


She duly documented building a cardboard box fort, skating class, dinner with Michael, music class and karate. She also wanted to get a picture of Coco with her pets which she apparently classified as our turtles and Lorianne.


She also turfed all of her eight million stuffies out of their regular bed to make room for Coco (a week in advance). Except for two special elephants who got to be Coco's stuffies. Because even a stuffie needs a stuffie at night.


Matthew and Amelia spent the whole time scheming how to get at the bear.


March 8, 2017

Matthew was excited to be the "duty kid" today. One of the perks of having your parent be on duty is that you get to hold open doors and turn out the light to announce snack time. Matthew takes getting to set up for snack very seriously.


He also likes to show me ALL the different stations, although he insists that I spend most of my time reading him stories. I thought the doll washing station was weird. So did Matthew, but he did conscientiously rescue all the dolls from the tub and dry them off "so they won't get cold and drownded"


The kids in Matthew's class obviously adore storytime - I read for about 40 minutes before declaring myself done and I had at least five kids listening for the entire time. I was a little taken aback to discover a high number of superhero books all about "bad guys" etc. Seems this may be the source of some undesirable play themes we have been battling at home.


I had noticed the last few times that quite a number of kids did not like cheese, so I opted for a cheese-less snack. At least of the dairy kind.


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