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Isabelle (4!) and Theo (2!) had a joint birthday party with a rainbow lollipop and sunshine theme. There was rainbow fruit onna stick and lollipops the size of Amelia's head. Matthew is not a lollipop fan but I was surprised when he declined to take one.


There was much playing in the backyard. Isabelle requested a walking, barking puppy among other items on her list and we left it up to the kids to pick. Guess what they picked??? Possibly the fact that I desperately wanted such a thing when I was a kid and never received one may have influenced my agreement :)


Theo received a sprinkler to play in. The kids had trouble deciding whether to get a long sprinkler or a caterpillar that spat water but the one we picked looked like it would work well for lots of cousins at once AND it came with a downloadable app which was so ridiculous a concept that we had to choose it.


Auntie Karen made a gorgeous rainbow sun cake for Isabelle. Theo doesn't like cake but he does like Timbits. The result was Genius! 


Matthew was excited to get his second stripe. I was just surprised. Already?


It was the last day of grade two! Elizabeth had a farewell assembly, followed by a trip to the library, followed by a picnic in the local park! I came to help supervise the picnic park and brought Matthew and Amelia along.


Elizabeth was sad to say goodbye to her fabulous teacher Mme Nimo, but we were happy to find out that she's been named vice-principal at the "little school" where Matthew is going next year. (The little school is part of Elizabeth's school, but the kindergarten students are in a separate building from the grade 1-6s a few blocks away) "Matthew is super lucky", said Elizabeth.


The picnic was at a splash park, but Elizabeth didn't get wet because most of her friends had neglected to bring bathing suits and she didn't want them to feel bad. So we went to another splash pad to play after school :)


They were looking for volunteers for Elizabeth's end of year field trip and playing mini golf didn't sound too strenuous so I agreed to do it.


They neglected to mention the part where we got to go for a hike in Gatineau park. It was very short, but of course I had one kid in my group that wanted to run ahead and while the other kids were quite willing to keep his pace I was simply not up for it.


The mini golf course was extremely nice and we're going to have to go back. Ottawa is experiencing a bit of a tent caterpillar population explosion at the moment and there were hundreds of them all over the place. Some of the kids found this scary and gross, but far more of them decided they needed pet caterpillars. I have a lot of experience enforcing a no-bringing-live-animals-into-the-house-or-vehicle rule, but some other groups weren't so strict. Madeleine outdid everyone by collecting at least a hundred in a ziplock bag. I have so far resisted the urge to email her mom and find out if any arrived at home alive!


After the hike we went to see the little museum they have, and then I let the kids run around and play Frisbee.


It was a fun (but exhausting) day.


I've been feeling completely terrible, throwing up three or more times a day and generally being unwell and exhausted all of the time.


So I was extremely thankful that my kids' schools organized some love for their Daddy. The kids are old enough now that they also decided to organize breakfast in bed. We were somewhat terrified to discover this when they showed up with a tray with breakable objects teetering precariously as they carried them - together - into the bedroom. Not that we could object without shattering a great deal of pride in their accomplishment, so I just closed my eyes and hoped they made it the rest of the way without dropping anything!


After church, we went to Grandma J's for palatchinken and marillenknödel. Yum!


Then we went home, where the kids put on a special and very long "boat show" for Daddy. It did not end in tears, surprisingly.


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