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December 29, 2017

There have been some special karate classes over Christmas break. On Wednesday Elizabeth got to spar with Sensei Robbie Lavoie ("He taught me lots of cool tricks!"). Thursday she had a special kata class with Sensei Suba (apparently she learned new ways to make snapping sounds).


Friday was PJ day!


December 28, 2017

Rachel and Creighton were back in town for Christmas and we decided to go to see the baby sloth at Little Ray Reptile Zoo. (Rachel LOVES sloths, as it turns out)


Of course, we were all loaded into the car before we discovered that the extreme cold had caused our van battery to completely give up. This was extremely disappointing as Elizabeth really wanted to see Rachel so I texted our various neighbours to see who might have jumper cables. Imagine our gratitude and surprise when Marit replied with the offer of their van! Time was short so we took her up on her very generous offer and off we went to admire the animals. Rachel was swarmed by small children as usual, although Matthew deserted her in favour of his "number one buddy" once Victoria showed up.


Petting the sloth was definitely the best part...


We brought back the van and then headed over to Lauren and Ronnie's for neighbourhood pie day and a whole lot of playing.


December 27, 2017

Auntie Janice got Matthew tools in his stocking for Christmas by special request. "I just LOVE building things", he enthused.


Matthew was SUPER excited and demanded to be taken out to the garage to "make stuff". Brendan found it challenging to come up with something Matthew was able to build that wouldn't be immediately junk, but after a little thought and a few hours in the garage the boys produced quite a lovely little bird feeder.

Matthew is extremely proud of himself. Elizabeth might be a wee bit jealous.


December 26, 2017

We got to have a Christmas bunny again, which the kids are enjoying very much. I've been slowly working on getting them to do more of the work, which Elizabeth enjoys less...


Elizabeth lost a tooth and very nearly swallowed it. She was very excited to have lost the tooth so close to Christmas, until the tooth fairy was late the following morning. Then she was sad. Luckily it turned out that the fairy was just delayed (probably wings needed de-icing) and somehow the coin and glitter showed up during breakfast.


In the afternoon we went skating at the Ottawa 67s rink at Landsdowne - our neighbour Marit told me about the free skate there so we collected Grandma J and went to check it out; although we weren't quite organized enough to get there at the same time! I did not skate; just sat and watched (the seats are comfortable at least!). Elizabeth completed 28 laps while we were there. Matthew didn't count, but he was proud of lapping Grandma, Daddy and Amelia several times. He might have cheated a little, but he's really gotten quite impressively fast. I think Amelia went around about five times before she decided she was tired and ready to sit and watch with Mommy.


December 25, 2017

This was the first year that Elizabeth didn't exactly ask for any toys, so we didn't get her any. She was super excited at first to unwrap her books and especially thrilled by all the karate gear. And then she noticed she didn't get any toys and she was SAD. Elizabeth and I sat and played with a toy she got for her birthday last year (and hadn't even unwrapped yet, that's how much she doesn't need toys) and talked a bit and eventually it came out that she was mostly sad not because she was jealous (although that was part of it), but because she's in the transition period where sometimes she wants to be "big" and sometimes she is still "a kid" and she miscalculated how she'd be feeling about it on Christmas day. She cheered up quite a lot after this conversation but Brendan and I were left a bit dismayed.


Ironically, one of Matthew's most exciting presents wasn't a toy, but a REAL hammer and REAL measuring tape all his own. He was also very excited to get more snap circuits ("I get to build a bug that walks!").


Amelia received a code-a-pillar which is a singing caterpillar that teaches pre-coding skills, changing direction depending on what order you put it together in. She found it completely terrifying at first, but after a while was willing to watch Elizabeth play with it.


We had turkey dinner at Grandma Margaret's because with Dave and Karen away for Christmas we actually could all fit around her table! Auntie Heather brought Andre and Andre's brother and we had crackers and no one ate any of the pudding charms. The pudding was better than last year and people seems to enjoy but still rather dry according to my books. Not sure if I'm overcooking or under steaming but the solution is just to make (and eat) more pudding so there are worse problems to have.


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