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April 8, 2018

Elizabeth and I have been running together for a couple of years on and off to "train" for her various running races. The theory was that last year I'd run the 2k at Race Weekend with her but I wasn't feeling well that spring (turned out I was pregnant) so I bailed.


Now that it's warm enough that I can run outside without triggering my asthma we've started up again with Matthew as our enthusiastic sidekick. Usually we've been going out in pjs so as not to delay bedtime for Matthew too much.


Erika and Maria were keen to join in when Elizabeth declared today as a "running day". Amelia was determined not be left behind which was a bit of a problem as she really can't keep up but luckily Auntie Janice agreed to come too.


Amelia and I ran from our house to Lyon and First. The others ran down Percy up to the community centre and then along Lyon. I was quite surprised by how fast and long Amelia was able to run given her age!


Elizabeth and Erika are quite keen to do some running just the two of them...


April 7, 2018

Uncle Chris, Maria, Elizabeth, Matthew, Amelia, Michael and I all went to the Log Farm sugar bush today. Erika got into a fight with her dad right before leaving and stayed home to do chores instead with Uncle Brendan.


There were more animals at the farm this year. Matthew was quite impressed by how many cats there were. Elizabeth was unimpressed by not getting maple taffy on the snow. They had a wonderful time playing in the woods and I was reminded how much I enjoy this particular location, especially the part where we don't have to drive an hour to get here!


April 5, 2018

Not wasting any time, Erika and Maria started school at Hopewell right away. The Japanese school year ends at the end of March, so when they left Canada Erika had to repeat grade three and Maria had to repeat kindergarten. Coming back they finished grades two and five respectively and now have a very short grade three and six year to acclimatize themselves.


The schedule works out okay - it turns out that if they leave at the same time as my kids have to catch the bus, they can walk from our house to school.


Elizabeth thinks her cousins should go to her school instead, but at least "now we know they can get to school so we can do sleepovers during the year". Ha!


April 4, 2018

Chris, Maria and Erika have all moved back to Canada from Japan! They are living with us for the next few months as their house is currently rented out until the end of June.


April 2, 2018

There was still snow on the ground and I have to say that coming around the corner to find hundreds of eggs scattered all over the woods is quite magical.


This year we divided up the bags for easier hiding and tried to improve the water proofing especially for those candies more prone to becoming disgusting if waterlogged. I actually searched around for eggs without holes but it seems that the hole is an integral part of how they are made.


Marit and her brother came to help me stuff the eggs this year which was super appreciated, and Lynda also gave me some pre-stuffed. All told we had some 400 eggs or something ridiculous, but we also had a pretty good turnout of kids who were quite happy to collect them all.


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