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May 28, 2018

It didn't take long before Maria too was sporting her first stripe!


May 25, 2018

Tomorrow's the Great Glebe Garage sale, so we decided to take Matthew to karate tonight. I figured we could pick up Elizabeth from ballet (since it was pouring rain).


Of course her route goes the wrong way down a one-way street, so we actually somehow missed her and then were almost late to karate. Sigh.


Erika and Maria usually go on Mondays and Thursdays, but since they share the Friday class with Matthew, Erika decided she'd go for an extra class. She was glad she did since she got her FIRST STRIPE!!!


Matthew was pretty excited to get his red stripe, which means he is headed to grading.


May 19, 2018

My cousin Will and Melissa got married! Brendan and I abandoned half our kids to the tender mercies of Grandma and Uncle Chris. We stopped at the Big Apple on the way up which was pretty amusing. Michael wasn't super happy about the long trip. I even tried expressing some milk into a bottle but he was not amused.


Then we abandoned Amelia at Uncle John and Aunt Joanne's along with two babysitters and her cousins. She was quite happy to hang out with "Feo" and Isabelle. Xander's apparently in her bad books at the moment so she refused to discuss him.


We drove Auntie Mary to the ceremony. I hung out at the back with Michael and my parents on Skype, passing them off to Mary when Michael got unruly. Will and Melissa are musicians so they played in their own wedding, which was lovely.


Then we headed to the reception to play pass the baby, chat with loads of people.


Elizabeth and Matthew were quite indignant about being left back in Ottawa, but it was karate nationals and Elizabeth was expected to help out. I gather she was extremely helpful all day and stayed right to the end. Erika came too after Japanese school and the two of them acted as medal runners and fetched people coffee from Tim Hortons and whatnot. Elizabeth obviously enjoyed herself greatly. Matthew had a birthday party at a gymnastics place so he couldn't complain too much about not getting to go to the wedding either. He did comment that Uncle Chris is stricter than Daddy. "I guess Daddy is a softie after all", he sighed.


May 10, 2018

At four months Michael is spending a lot less time eating and sleeping and a lot more time taking in the world around him.  He is still mainly happy and loves to be carried around facing out so he can see what's going on.  Many people remark on how smiley a baby he is. He's still pretty content to be passed around to anyone who wants to hold him. Erika and Elizabeth both like to carry him around.


Sadly he is also spitting up more. I don't think he's in Amelia's league but certainly he has had a few days where we have wondered if it's normal baby spit up, stomach flu or maybe even strep. It does tend to be partially digested - Erika says he's a "cheese factory".


He doesn't really like to be placed on his tummy, preferring instead to stand up vertically and bounce up and down.


He is also getting quite wiggly and is very strong.  He loves to kick his legs and if you aren't careful while changing his diaper he will launch himself right out of it before you have a chance to do the new one up.  He has also started to grab everything and anything within reach.  The girls in the house are less than amused as they've pretty much all had their hair yanked and sometimes retrieving it from his grasp can be quite challenging.


He usually wakes up around quarter to seven and is ready for a nap by nine. His afternoon naps are less regular, possibly because being number four he has to get these in around the edges of family life. He enjoys outings but only to a degree - if there is too much commotion he gets increasingly agitated until only going and hanging out upstairs in a calm environment for a bit will do. Usually he's in bed for the night around 8pm, waking every four hours or so to nurse.


April 28, 2018

Elizabeth and Matthew have been scheming to get their cousins to start karate ever since they heard Erika and Maria were coming back from Japan.


Elizabeth was pretty excited to get to help demonstrate for her cousins. Erika just wanted to know "when do I get my gi???"


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