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February 2, 2019

Winter recital time and Amelia did more than just stand there! Hooray!


Slightly rough start with both Michael and Amelia crying during the rhythm procession at the beginning. Apparently Amelia wanted to go on stage first before doing the procession and "you didn't let me". I think Michael got overwhelmed by all the people.


Things settled down after that though.


Matthew picked his piece because "it's my best piece". He had wanted to go back and play Deck the Halls, but it would have taken quite a lot of practice to get it back to a place where he could play it and I encouraged him to pick one of his current pieces so that we didn't have to do any extra practice. Matthew finds learning new pieces a tough slog unfortunately, although once he really knows a piece he's quite proud of being able to play it.


Elizabeth picked her piece because "I like the melody". She's recently become interested in jokes and is going around telling people many many jokes, some of which are funny, some not so much as she's working out what makes a joke funny. So for the first time she also submitted a music joke "What is Beethoven doing right now? Decomposing." Brendan is still working on not cutting off the first few notes of the piece when filming.


Winterlude has begun, so after the piano recital we took Angie downtown to check out the ice sculptures. They've moved to the Byward market this year, which is annoying because we can't easily walk over to see them after church or on the way to the NAC, but awesome because they are right next to my favourite gluten free bakery (Olive and Chili's).


Brendan dropped us off and we watched the sculptors at work for a while. We got a free Winterlude coin and then headed into Olive and Chili's to warm up. I did not make the mistake of putting cookies in my pocket or anything this time...


After lunch we checked out the chimes in the market and hopped on the snobus and headed to Quebec, where we discovered that there are NO ice slides for the second year in a row - just tubing.I was kind of annoyed having asked the organizers on social media (twice!) whether the ice slides were back and had been told yes. It was hard to get a straight answer on the ice slides last year too. Sigh. Oh well, tubing is still fun.


We did the tubing twice - and yes, I went broken toe and all as I felt that it was pretty safe. For the record, I would not have gone down the ice slides as I would have worried about my toe hitting the side of the slide.


The kids enjoyed the clowns wandering around, including a windsurfer who went "surfing" on the snow and a drumming group.


Then we took the bus home to Kettleman's bagel store where Daddy picked us back up since I'm supposed to be staying off the foot as much as possible.


In the evening we went to the Foolish Chicken for dinner. "Two restaurants in one day!" There was discussion of whether it might have been the best day ever, but Elizabeth decided in the end her visit with the sloth and being a bridesmaid at Rachel and Creighton's wedding beat it out.


February 1, 2019

Margaret's given me a subscription to the NAC classical ballet series this year, so periodically I get to leave all the children at home and escape to see some lovely dancing. This evening we brought Angie along as well to see Paz de la Jolla, Apollo, and The Dream. Beautiful!


January 28, 2019

After carefully considering this week's forecast, we pulled the kids out of school this afternoon to make a trip to skate through the forest. Janice drove Angie, Elizabeth and Matthew while I stayed home to watch Michael and get some work done.


It was pretty cold this morning and Amelia had cooking class this afternoon, so she didn't object when we decided that she would not be going along to skate with the others at Lac des Loups. Brendan stayed home too over Elizabeth's objections that at least one parent should come so that it would count as a "family excursion". He was worried that I would not be able to park at the community centre to pick up Amelia as the excessive accumulation of snow has made parking around here quite challenging, and I can't manage to walk very far in said snow.


The kids were very pleased to go - Matthew declared it his "favourite winter place in the world". Apparently they completed the 3km loop twice and had hot chocolate to drink!


January 23, 2019

Even more snow today meant that the school buses were cancelled. It was a Wednesday though, which means Elizabeth has violin classes, hot dinners ordered and I usually pick up Elizabeth's friend from school to take her to ballet. Plus we have lots of work that needs dealing with, Amelia had school too and all in all we decided not to indulge in a snow day.


Turned out ballet was cancelled. The driving was pretty poor but we made it home okay and the kids enjoyed playing in the snow instead of their afternoon activities. Elizabeth and Olivia were very excited when I told them they got to have a playdate instead of dance.


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