December 11, 2015
Matthew has been going to Sportball on Fridays and tumbling class on Thursdays at our local community centre. I've been trying to bike or walk more often after Matthew told one too many people that his class was really far away, so far that we have to drive... (I have had to resort to driving too many times due to bad planning, rather than distance!) Why do you like Sportball, I asked Matthew. "Jenna give me ball. Uh huh. Sometimes me go to tumbling class wif Miss Deanna and NO mommy but portball I can bring Mommy. Uh huh. Tomorrow I got to wear my 'piderman tostume. Me do jumping jacks and hockey and me do huly hoop and one train on magic line but normally me play wif real trains outside with Mill (Camille his friend). Me yike Mill."

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