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March 3, 2016

At nine months Amelia is successfully communicating!


She's picked up the sign for more, as in "more Cheerios", "more puffs", "more paper to eat", "more toilets to puddle in". (Note to self: close the lid!) "Mmmm" for food, "Mum", "Poof" (I think an attempt at boob lol) and a pretty credible "all done". She says an awful lot of other stuff but we have no clue what it means yet.


She still likes to taste everything but will turn her head away if it's something that she's not fond of. She loves pancakes, pasta, mum mums, cheerios, puffs and yoghurt melts. Aside from being rather heavy on the starch, the other thing these all have in common is that she can feed herself. She will eat a spoonful or two of soup but soon wants to do it "herself" and a lot of other food she just can't manage - swallowing is still challenging but we feel she is improving her control over her tongue as she practices. Peaches are also very popular, but only if she's in the mood for help as she can't pick them up. Despite having been "teething" for months she is still toothless. The drool comes and goes (literally soaking the front of her shirt at times), which leads to mind-boggling amounts of diarrhea for a couple of days, constant nursing and ear tugging etc. But no joy.


She's happy enough to be left alone with not Mommy for a few hours as long as she's been nursed, but when her internal timer goes off she will scream at the unlucky soul for not being Mommy until Mommy is either produced or she passes out.


She's crawling on all fours with quite a bouncy crawl. The older kids still like to pull her back and let her go forward and the new bounce makes her seem even more like a wind-up toy than ever. Except wind-up toys don't usually make a bee-line for carelessly strewn paper, pull themselves up and nom nom nom it into oblivion before you can even blink. Also she is getting much faster!


In addition to the crawling, this month she's quite a bit more vertical. In fact, last week she stood all by herself (Feb 22nd). Long enough to photograph but not really long enough to count. She thinks it's the best game ever.


Amelia still likes to rummage through boxes of toys or piles of laundry while casually chucking every other piece over her shoulder. She's also started to play with the little cooker Auntie Heather got the kids a few years ago- opening and closing the oven and playing with frying pans on the top while using it as a walker to support her across the room. She likes to bang on the piano.


Super smiley kid with crazy giggles...

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