February 19, 2016

Auntie Janice here. As most of you know, lately there’s been a lot of ambulances visiting our house… all for me. The count stands at 9 visits to hospitals- 8 of which involved epinephrine.


I swear I’m not playing hospital bingo, but I’ve been recognized by the same paramedics, the same triage nurses, the same nurses, and an ER doc who recognized me from an allergic reaction several years ago… I’ve visited all the hospitals in the city, and even stayed in some of the same beds. So if there was such a thing I think I’ve won. Sigh…


The other day at Brownies, we had an ambulance visit for our First Aid badge. One of the Brownies came downstairs and said “Pygmy Owl (that’s me), I didn’t know what we were doing tonight, so when I saw the ambulance outside I thought it was for YOU!”. Clearly we’ve had enough random conversations that my Brownies are really starting to understand allergies, lol! For example… Brownie: “WHY do you have that HUGE bruise on your arm, Pygmy Owl?” Pygmy Owl thinks for a minute… hmm… how to phrase this… I had another allergic reaction last weekend at work, and the nurse couldn’t find my veins for an IV, so she gave me Benadryl in the muscle, and went really deep or something and it bled a lot. “I had another allergic reaction last weekend, and the nurse didn’t do a very good job of giving me the medication. But, the medication helped a LOT so I don’t really mind that I got a bruise.”


The good news is that the allergy testing does seem to have given us some leads. To the previous list of 13 fruits, vegetables, and nuts… I have added black pepper, bell pepper, and a couple extra nuts. My allergist also highly suspects an allergy to sulphites, which are apparently in EVERYTHING. They occur naturally in many foods such as onions, garlic, soy, maple syrup, and cheese… they are added to almost everything pre-made including salt, spices, alcohol, gelatin… and they are heavily used in processing things like starches, corn syrup, and anything dried. By cutting out most sulphites, I’ve reduced my hospital visits down to: no food related ones! I say “most” because I’m still working on finding sources of sulphites- I still get hives pretty regularly- and it seems my regular medications may be a source. BOTHER. Thankfully my pharmacy is a compounding one and they may be able to make a custom version that doesn’t involve gelatin, starch, or citric acid :D YAY!


For now, I won’t be eating much of anything I didn’t make myself from scratch… which has been occupying about 14-24 hrs a week as far as I can tell. I finally have a week’s worth of frozen meals in my freezer, and am hoping that with another few baking sprees perhaps I can keep it at two weeks! That would be nice. To combat the inevitable boredom associated with eating the same ~35 ingredients every day I’ve taken to having a little crazy fun like shaping my ground beef, or making all my pancakes into owls. In my opinion, the grapefruit toffee is pretty good- though both Elizabeth and Matthew are not fans. They much prefer my sweet potato chips, but with a small container requiring about 7 hours to make… I’m not likely to be sharing many! I’ve rationed them out to last me as long as possible, as snacks are a luxury these days.

On March 24, 2016 at 12:42 pm
Pat Kennedy said:
Oh, poor Janice!

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