January 19, 2018
10 days

When Matthew comes home from school these days, he bounces into my room.


"I washed my hands! Hand over the baby!" he announces. Or, "I need your phone to take a selfie wif my brudder" (He's ALL about the selfies these days). After all, he's the big BIG brother now.


He thinks he ought to be able to carry Michael around "yike Elizabef" and is dying to show that he's capable so needs to be watched very carefully. So far we let him hold his brother by himself, but only when sitting down and only under supervision. He loves holding him for about twenty seconds or something interesting happens to capture his attention, at which point he's a bit too inclined to dump the baby and bounce away. Needless to say he's not going to get to cart Michael around unsupervised.

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