December 21, 2018

Some memories from this year's advent. Lighting the wreath and ringing the bells while singing O Come O Come is still probably our main and favourite tradition.


This year our devotional was based off of the booklet provided by All Things with Purpose. I started out with one for the family but it became clear that one for each kid was going to be a lot less annoying so that's what we ended up doing. We also put some Jesse Tree magnets on the fridge.


Note that we have always been very clear with the kids that Santa is a pretend story, but the older two like to play that they believe he's real. Last year they wrote about two hundred little notes purporting to be from the real Santa and then stuffed many into neighbour mailboxes. This year the notes were more directed towards Santa.


I asked Elizabeth if that was her real Christmas list and she told me flat out that I didn't understand how to play kid games anymore. LOLOL

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