December 25, 2019

December 25th is Lorianne's birthday! The kids were excited because she stayed overnight! We told the kids they could open their stockings as soon as they got up so that us adults didn't have to get up so early so they did that before we were awake! Elizabeth tried to open hers slowly over a long time but apparently she got impatient and opened all her presents. There were hairbrushes, bracelets, elastics, books and candy and nail polish and a frame and of course a clementine in the toe. Her favourite stocking present was tinted lip balm. Matthew's favourite stocking present was "bubble bath" (aka a bubble gun in the shape of a dolphin that shoots bubble mix). Amelia's favourite stocking gift were three tiny porcelain bunnies. Michael liked the "tandy" the best.


After we woke up I had quite a lot of work to do to prepare for Lorianne's birthday and Christmas dinner. Elizabeth and Matthew felt this was unreasonable and wanted me to come and open my stocking. I remember always being annoyed as a child by my mom wanting to do the dishes before opening presents - it took TOO LONG. Now I understand my mom! LOL To be fair, the schedule didn't quite work out as I had hoped!


Anyway I had great fun making Christmas themed brunch for Lorianne with mini snowmen and fruit candy canes and fruit santas and cinnamon roll Christmas tree. Janice and Grandma J and Hibo all came for the birthday, and so we ate brunch and had blueberry pie in lieu of cake to celebrate Lorianne's birthday, including her family's tradition to say one thing about Lorianne that we liked (hard to choose one thing!). Lorianne opened presents and we opened some Christmas presents - but not all of them because I didn't want to have a Christmas where the birthday girl got to spend a chunk of her birthday watching people open a million presents. Instead everyone opened one present and we agreed with the kids that we'd open the rest during the whole season of Christmas.


Then the rest of the family arrived, except for Erika who was sadly very under the weather with a fever and cough. We had our cousinly gift exchange and ate much food.

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