October 23, 2020
Virtual School: Week 7

I had help setting up virtual kindergarten for the week - Matthew and Elizabeth were "kindergarten fairies". Stations were: Fort magic building pieces, blocks, doctor stuff, playmobile people, books and balls. We rearranged the couches to try and cordon off a place for kids to roll around on balls without rolling into radiator knobs or fabric cupboard doors. It was fairly successful, although my fairies did rearrange the furniture a bit through the week until told to knock it off.


We have a new cover for the coffee table, so we setup a station upstairs where the kids are allowed to paint. We're thinking of getting something to cover the couches too... Amelia's been working on a presentation about hummingbirds, which involves a lot of paint and glue. She's enjoying "teaching" Michael how to make things.


For science they cut up mushrooms. Amelia also enjoyed showing off the results of her experiment a few weeks ago to plant carrot tops in water and dirt. The carrot top in water grew much better than the one in dirt - she was very surprised!


Amelia's class is now doing this new thing where the rendez-vous times are split by teacher. She had "la petite classe" with the ECE in the morning slot, and "la grande classe" with the teacher in the afternoons. She's not super fond of the small class because that teacher "only plays boring math games". This week they were reading a story about a monster that brings a bird into a cave, so the house Matthew built Amelia became the monster's cave and we played out the story at home. This was much more interesting to Amelia than her actual school, where they were working on retelling narratives. Amelia thought this was also "very boring". "I'd much rather roll on the ball!" She rather creatively suggested to the teacher that they rewrite the story to be more interesting "what if we add a hummingbird to be the other bird's friend?" but although the teacher has been pretty good at following the interests of the kids there was nothing doing. Amelia was inclined to pout - "I had a PROBLEM and I thought of a FIX and NO ONE liiiiiiked it". I was inclined to think of this as a valuable life lesson.


I spoke to the school board this week about the stupidity of having a schedule where kindergartners and upper elementary don't share the same breaks and long story short Amelia is now able to skip her first afternoon period to play with her siblings outside without getting marked absent.


Matthew's class was working on the selection of the proper article in front of nouns (also a main topic). He discovered the dictionary this week, which tends to be more accurate for getting the gender BUT it's not as fast as using siri to look things up on Google. The number of ways he uses technology to cheat is rather astounding. He continues to have little to nothing to do in math. In theory they are working on series of numbers but the actual work is entirely busy work. He commented that he thinks teachers don't know that kids actually remember stuff.


Elizabeth had a pj day and got to watch a movie. It rained all week, but that didn't stop her from doing her bo lesson in the rain.


We've been getting ready for winter too, so we cleaned up outside, took down the swing for the winter and thoroughly cleaned out the car.

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