July 2, 2011
Aidan is TWO

Friend Aidan just turned two. His best present was a brand new baby sister, although maybe he doesn't know that yet! We met Aidan when he was just a week old, so it's fitting that we got to meet Caitlin Grace when she was exactly seven days old too! Didn't think of holding her beside Elizabeth though. Oh well!


At Aidan's birthday party last year, Elizabeth was too little to blow her noisemaker, too little to blow her own bubbles and too little to lift the pinata stick. Not this year!  Mom and Dad encouraging her to whack something with a stick?? So exciting! Aidan was so overcome by his first attempt that he put his head down on the ground and cried. Later he tried again successfully, though he rather thought the stick got in the way.


As child after child took their turns and the pinata started to lose structural integrity, hilarity turned traumatic. Mommy apparently forgot to explain the rules and Elizabeth was extremely shocked to discover that the other kids were breaking the pinata. "But I don't WANT it broken, Mommy-dear", she wailed. She cried hysterically on and off while the others put it out of its misery. The discovery of gold chocolate "moneys" and other treats stemmed the flow briefly but she was inconsolable after every fresh glimpse of the broken pinata on the ground. Finally we explained that it was like wrapping paper for presents and let her give it a kiss. That seemed to help.

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