April 8, 2012
Easter Sunday

On Easter morning we went to church in Crosshill.  Elizabeth was very well behaved and even went forward to be with the other kids for the children's time.  She was a little uncertain at first but then went right up without either Mommy or Daddy.  After the service Elizabeth again demonstrated that she has an exceptional memory by immediately asking to go play in the nursery.  Once we pried her loose from the nursery we manged to get her home for a quick nap while we waited for people to arrive.  She was so tired that she actually had a very long nap and only woke long after everyone had arrived for Easter lunch / supper / general lounging about and enjoying each others company.  We had a great afternoon with a good number of the extended family and a very friendly puppy being looked after by Mike.  Elizabeth was very interested in the puppy in theory but made very sure to cling to Mommy or Daddy and kept VERY close tabs on Dangle's location.  After supper Elizabeth biked all the way over to the local park despite the strong wind against her.  She enjoyed the attention of not one but two doting great aunts.  After some time playing at the park she even biked most of the way back home.  Needless to say she slept well...

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