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July 14, 2012

We went camping with the usual suspects, plus Josie and Dan's sister Anna and Auntie Janice. Caitlyn and Aidan's daddy Dave came along this time too!


The fire ban due to drought meant we had to toast our marshmallows over propane stove instead of roaring campfire, but they still tasted good.


Looking back at the pictures, we had a pretty good time, though my memories are rather overshadowed by the other main effect of the drought: an increase in ground hornet activity. Turned out that our camp sites straddled a wasp "supernest".  Of course the kids ran right over it. Of course Elizabeth was stung. Six times!


Auntie Yukiko was stung several times as well, once before the main incident, and a number of times while rescuing her niece. Luckily Dianne and Auntie Janice both have good first aid skills. Dianne grabbed her ice and the two of them set to work icing, applying afterbite and removing stingers (tip: use a credit card, not tweezers to avoid squeezing poison into the bite). Elizabeth screamed nonstop for more than an hour and refused to unbend her legs or put any weight on them. So the nice park wardens called an ambulance for us to get her checked out. The paramedics got her calmed down with the help of a small stuffed animal, checked her blood pressure etc and concluded that it was psychological trauma so we decided to go to bed instead of emergency. They left "Ambulance Bear" behind for Elizabeth to keep as a souvenir. Elizabeth didn't sleep terribly well, but Auntie Janice picked up a bunch of anti-itch supplies from a nearby pharmacy and we applied a number of these in turn every couple of hours all night.  I was very glad that we were car camping and not canoeing several days away from help.


In the morning Elizabeth's swellings had gone down significantly and most of the bites had entirely disappeared. Auntie Yukiko was not so lucky - her hand especially swelled and swelled until she could hardly bend it. She ended up heading to an urgent care clinic right after lunch. (She's all better now!)


None of the kids wanted to go home. Elizabeth cried as we left. "I wanted to stay forever and ever and ever."

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