February 17, 2013
One of the main annoyances of having a csection is the restrictions afterwards. No driving for six weeks. No lifting anything heavier than baby. Avoid bending. No stairs. The last is complicated because we live in a three story house. Our bedroom is on the top floor. There are a LOT of stairs. Luckily I don't actually need to leave the third floor as I'm blessed with family willing to fetch me food. This is just as well since I'm finding walking across the room is enough to tire me right out. As I was obviously not making it to church this week, we decided to have church at home. Elizabeth likes to have a craft for "Sunday School", so she made pretzels with Daddy (we were talking about prayer). Later I asked her to tell Auntie Janice why the pretzels has three parts. In theory, these symbolize the triune God. Elizabeth confidently replies "They are God's hands, hips and head."

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