October 24, 2008

They didn't get a good picture of baby's spine at the last ultrasound, and they are worried about the possibility that my placenta is circumvallate. A circumvallate placenta apparently resembles a german pancake. If this is true, the pregnancy might be classified as "high risk" and I'd probably be looking at bedrest and a transfer to an obstetrician (gulp!).


So we went for a level two ultrasound at the Ottawa General Hospital today. They were not exactly punctual with the appointment. After waiting for nearly forty minutes, I finally told the receptionist that if we didn't see the ultrasound tech within the next ten minutes I was going to have to use the washroom\u2026 Five minutes later we were called. The actual ultrasound was nearly an hour and a half long! They did let me use the washroom after the first few minutes of checking me out though (good thing!) The ultrasound technician spent absolutely ages trying to get baby to stay still long enough to photograph her heart. The good news is that everything looks fine and they don't believe I need to take any special precautions after all. The part that they thought was curling is attached at the point where my uterus curves downwards to form a heart shape.

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October 10, 2008

Some people had asked in our last prenatal class about why it isn't recommended to allow television for kids under the age of two.  As someone who likes to research this kind of stuff I looked up what the general Internet had to say on the topic and forwarded them to my classmates in case anyone else was interested.
This guideline is from 1999 (both in Canada and the US).  They are likely to be revised in the near future to distinguish between "verbal" and "non-verbal" infants rather than having an arbitrary age recommendation.  

Essentially the conclusion seems to be that in the very early stages of a child's life direct interaction with others is critical to the proper development of their brains.


October 7, 2008

It\u2019s a Girl!!!


Healthy and wiggly ;)


Praise God! (I could just dance\u2026)


Assuming the ultrasound technician is right about the gender, her name will be Elizabeth Eliana, because God ANSWERS!!!!


September 30, 2008
Apparently (judging by the extremely statistically reliable sample set that is our prenatal class) most couples have no idea what is actually involved in having a baby.  Today we watched a series of videos which followed couples through labour and delivery.  While generally not trying to be indecent these videos did provide reasonably graphic views of the actual delivery (although nothing more than you get on TLC).  Many of the people in the class seemed to be genuinely shocked by these scenes.  Where have these people been?  Is our education system so non-offensive now that people don't even know how babies are born?  Yikes!

September 23, 2008

We spent this evening practicing breathing patterns and learning \u201chow to relax\u201d.

There\u2019s nothing quite like sitting on the floor in a darkened classroom, leaning against your spouse and listening to eight other couples giggling as we all attempt to provide our partners with an opportunity to practice appropriate labour coaching techniques.


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