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November 25, 2008
Baby and I are doing well! She is -very- active and frequently kicks me awake. It's kind of neat but I wish she'd sleep during the night... I suspect that's not the last time I'm going to wish that either. We've been trying to figure out what things we need to get for the baby and the conclusion is that we're not really sure. Pretty much everything I think although it's hard to say what is essential baby equipment versus what is gimmicky clutter. The closer I get to March the less I think I know anything about babies. We've managed to acquire a stroller / car seat and a crib. And I have a few blankets, but not much else yet.

November 21, 2008
Things are pretty good here except that baby has entered growth spurt phase (meaning I am requiring long naps again and early to bed - booo). It's very inconvenient - we're in the middle of a LOONG month at work - the final push to get this project finished. I've had meeting after meeting after meeting after which we get to frantically fix bugs until my next meeting and hope we got most of them. Not really very fun. My sister is bugging me because I didn't go for Sunday dinner last week (crashed at 8:30 or something instead) even though my parents have been away for 2 weeks and I haven't actually seen them for more than three weeks. I doubt I'm going this week either. Sigh. So not quite keeping up with things. I'm totally going on strike after December 6th…

November 16, 2008
I definitely am beginning to feel like a walrus. This might have something to do with now weighing more than my super-tall husband. Luckily my sister-in-law Yukiko is pregnant too and she can sympathize…

October 28, 2008
Finding clothing that fits is starting to get challenging. I'm basically down to one skirt, one dress (not suitable for everyday wear), a pair of jean overalls (challenging for me to get on and off on my own) and one pair of pants that make me itch (too much polyester). I decided that I need to bite the bullet and actually go shopping (shudder…) I especially was hoping to find skirts or dresses that I can wear for work. I can't wear many synthetic fibres, so you can imagine that I was frustrated to find out that apparently all maternity dresses sold these days are short sleeved and goes above the knee. Do the designers not know it is currently winter?

October 24, 2008

They didn't get a good picture of baby's spine at the last ultrasound, and they are worried about the possibility that my placenta is circumvallate. A circumvallate placenta apparently resembles a german pancake. If this is true, the pregnancy might be classified as "high risk" and I'd probably be looking at bedrest and a transfer to an obstetrician (gulp!).


So we went for a level two ultrasound at the Ottawa General Hospital today. They were not exactly punctual with the appointment. After waiting for nearly forty minutes, I finally told the receptionist that if we didn't see the ultrasound tech within the next ten minutes I was going to have to use the washroom… Five minutes later we were called. The actual ultrasound was nearly an hour and a half long! They did let me use the washroom after the first few minutes of checking me out though (good thing!) The ultrasound technician spent absolutely ages trying to get baby to stay still long enough to photograph her heart. The good news is that everything looks fine and they don't believe I need to take any special precautions after all. The part that they thought was curling is attached at the point where my uterus curves downwards to form a heart shape.


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