January 28, 2009
Our midwife Jessica was a little unsure about Elizabeth's growth at our appointment today, so we get to go for another ultrasound next week. Apparently the dip at the top of my uterus is making it a bit challenging to consistently measure from appointment to appointment.

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January 21, 2009

We went to a home birth information session tonight at the midwives' office.  Two couples shared their own experiences going through a home birth with a group of about a dozen couples.  It was really quite neat to hear first hand from some recent parents how the home birth experience was.  They shared their stories and then answered any questions.  They even spent some time mingling with the group informally and answering more questions one on one.


The midwives also had all of their equipment out on a table for everyone to see.  They went through what all the items were and what they might be used for during a home birth.  It was really quite amazing how much stuff they have (They joked that they don't have any trunk space left for anything else - We believe them).  They carry enough oxygen to go to Toronto and back (each).  They can basically do anything that a hospital can do short of intubating a baby.  It was also nice to see some of the equipment in action (the suction device for example) and understand why it might be used instead of wondering what all this stuff is when you get to delivery time.


They also handed out a very thorough study on home births including how many had issues, what those issues were and how that all compared to non-home births.  All in all it was very reassuring to see some concrete numbers showing down to the individual that home births are not really any more risky and hospital births assuming the right basic conditions are met.  If you are a good candidate for a home birth it really does seem to make sense as an option due to the less intrusive and stressful environment.


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January 11, 2009
A friend of the family came up to me after church today to say that he had thought I'd been putting on quite a lot of weight and only just realized that it seemed to be quite localized. He asked whether congratulations were in order. Needless to say I was rather taken aback!

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December 29, 2008

We've been looking into cloth diapers for Elizabeth and today we went to check out the options at a local cloth diaper place.


Cloth diapers are very appealing to us for a number of reasons:

  1. From what we hear, we're going to be doing lots of laundry anyway.  What's another load or two every couple of days?
  2. Modern cloth diapers are cute and seem about as convenient as disposables. Our laundry room is also much closer than the store...
  3. Washing cloth diapers is cheaper and better for the environment.
  4. There is some evidence to suggest that toilet training is easier when using cloth diapers; modern disposables are so good that the kid doesn't feel uncomfortable and is therefore less motivated to learn to use the potty.

Ottawa Cloth Diapers is a home-based business run out of Rockland (20 minutes outside Ottawa).  The owner Vicky has a dizzying number of different kinds of diapers in stock to look at and compare.  A mom herself (she's actually due with her second around the same time as I am), Vicky really knows what she is talking about.  We spent quite a bit of time going over the differences (it's like a whole new language!) and thinking about what would work for us.


Our options were actually quite limited by my need for natural fabrics - I was very glad we decided to go and look at what was there and checking out what it felt like!  In the end we decided to go with prefolds, diaper covers and a disposable liner.  


Prefolds are super cheap compared to the pocket diapers or "All in Ones" (equivalent to disposables) and the materials used don't make my skin crawl!  We liked the idea of being able to use the prefolds as cloths - they seem more versatile.  Plus some of the diaper covers have frogs on them. How could we resist? In addition to the Super Whisper Wraps we also got a few Polar Bummis which are a soft fleece.


The disposable liner idea is something I'd never noticed when researching options online, but the idea of having a flushable liner for poopy diapers was what really sold Brendan on trying out cloth diapers, and it sounds like a good compromise.


Since we're doing cloth diapers, we decided we would try doing the cloth wipes thing as well.  A little less in the way of chemicals and garbage seems to make sense.  We decided to try Ottawa Cloth Diaper's wipes sampler package since we have no idea which we'll find most useful.


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November 25, 2008
Baby and I are doing well! She is -very- active and frequently kicks me awake. It's kind of neat but I wish she'd sleep during the night... I suspect that's not the last time I'm going to wish that either. We've been trying to figure out what things we need to get for the baby and the conclusion is that we're not really sure. Pretty much everything I think although it's hard to say what is essential baby equipment versus what is gimmicky clutter. The closer I get to March the less I think I know anything about babies. We've managed to acquire a stroller / car seat and a crib. And I have a few blankets, but not much else yet.

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