March 14, 2009
I can relate...

I can relate to this hilarious photo essay about breastfeeding...



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March 12, 2009
Where does all the laundry come from?

Elizabeth had her second bath today!  She didn't seem impressed but we all survived the experience without major trauma.


We are still generating laundry at an alarming rate.  I know babies create a lot of extra laundry, but I didn't realize that most of it would be mine!  Needless to say I'm still trying to get the hang of not soaking everything in milk.  Supposedly breastfeeding ladies are supposed to be able to feel when their milk "lets down" (and take evasive action), but so far I tend not to notice until I'm sitting in a puddle of milk or hear the sound of splashing by my feet.  Midwife Kim gave me some disposable breast pads and suggested I check out a product called LilyPadz, so we'll see if these ideas help.


We're also still using disposables diapers (130 so far!) because Elizabeth is really too small for the cloth ones we have.  We tried a cloth one on today just for fun; we figure she needs to put on at least another pound before they will work properly.


In other news, Elizabeth can now officially roll from tummy to back on a flat surface without assistance and has done so multiple times.  We tried to get this on video but by the time we got the camera out she was practicing flailing her legs and arms instead and getting frustrated by not being able to lift her head and shoulders on her own.

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March 10, 2009
Are we really ready to leave the house?

First family outing today (and first time I've been downstairs since coming home from the hospital)!


We went to visit midwife Kim who checked Elizabeth out thoroughly and pronounced her back to her birth weight (2890 grams!)  This is great news - it means Elizabeth is doing well and we can now let her sleep during the night until she wakes up instead of waking her up every three hours to feed!


Kim was very pleased with me for following instructions to take it easy, and reminded me that I should continue to do so for at least another week as it will help speed up my recovery.

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March 9, 2009
Missed by the camera

Grandpa H came by to see Elizabeth.


He had somehow been missed by our camera and decided that this needed to be corrected before things got out of hand.  Elizabeth was pretending to be a model child and was sleeping nicely so Grandpa still thinks that she spends all day sleeping.  Apparently we need to get him to change Elizabeth.  Then he'll know about her being awake...


While Grandpa enjoyed a good cuddling session there was some suspicion that he was getting out of doing work at home.  We're sure that after some serious baby therapy he must have been at least twice as productive anyway.

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March 7, 2009
No one ever feeds me
Elizabeth continues to eat well, although she might not agree. She wanted to be fed nearly every hour last night (doing the "no one EVER feeds me!" routine), so we didn't get much sleep despite getting to bed before 10pm and not getting up until nearly noon. Janice and her mom (Carolyn) dropped by this afternoon to check her out, but by that time she was sleeping beautifully and pretending to be a model child.
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