March 30, 2009
Baby therapy

At one month of age, Elizabeth is a highly effective stress reduction machine.  For everyone except perhaps her parents...


We're still figuring out the routines needed  to get all of us out of the house and actually go somewhere.  We've managed this great feat twice as we went to house group on Wednesday (we think we must officially have the biggest age range of any other house group now!) and to visit Grandma and Grandpa H on Sunday.  Having an extra person to get ready doesn't seem to have improved our punctuality somehow, but we're starting to get the hang of organizing life around sleepy times.  I know babies at this age are theoretically very portable, but we're firmly in the camp that believes one should not wake a sleeping baby.  Parents that do must have children without the tendency to turn into Captain Cranky-Pants... Or else they are just a lot braver than we are :)


We practiced getting ready for church on Sunday, but stopped short of actually going when we realized we'd forgotten to pack a baby survival kit.  There was the slight issue of the service already being more than halfway over, too...  Maybe next week! 

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March 26, 2009
Did you know diapers have features?

Last appointment with midwife Jessica today, and Elizabeth now weighs seven pounds, seven ounces!  Jessica was very impressed.


We're going to try switching to the cloth diapers when Elizabeth gets up to eight pounds, which should be next week at the current rate of growth.  Since the end of disposable diapers may be in sight, we've predictably discovered that some disposables have more features than others and not all features are advertised.  Did you know diapers have features?  Me neither...


Specifically, the newborn Pampers we have at the moment want to make sure that new parents know that they are Sesame Street branded. This selling feature is mentioned several times on the package. What the Pampers package entirely omits to mention is that they have a wetness sensor built in and so you can tell if the diaper is wet by checking whether the stripe changes from yellow to blue. 


Of course, it's doubtful our buying habits would have been influenced regardless of packaging - we started with Huggies because they sent us a free diaper and coupons in the mail, and then switched because our small local Loblaws only carries one brand of newborn diapers.  In fact, the major brands for newborns seem pretty interchangeable in terms of features - the big difference (if you believe the packaging) seems to be which licensed character is printed on the outside.  Is it just me or is the licensed character somewhat less of a selling feature than something that changes colour when the diaper needs to be changed??

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March 23, 2009
Buy your clothes a year in advance and save

She may be outgrowing her clothes, but we think it will be a while before her outdoor clothing fits properly.


Apparently the trick to buying outdoor clothing for little kids is to buy it at the end of the season.  Grandma J found this bunting bag over at Boomerang Kids for $2 - as she said "that's practically giving it away!"

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March 22, 2009
And so it begins

And so it begins...


Elizabeth has officially outgrown her two smallest sleepers, including the one with frogs on it, I'm sad to say.  She was swimming in it when we brought her home from the hospital, but those extra centimetres of length do make a difference!


In other news, we've discovered that music and especially lullabies are pretty good at soothing her to sleep. 

We're enjoying the songs on the Sleep Sound In Jesus CD by Michael Card that my aunt Maybeth sent very much.  It made us wonder whether any of you had recommendations for good children's music.


What songs and lullabies do you remember fondly from your childhood or your children's childhoods?

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March 20, 2009
Babywearing bloggers

I've been working on experimenting with various slings and carriers as it (at least theoretically) allows for hands-free baby operating.  My sister-in-law lent me a couple of carriers, but Elizabeth is still too little for them.  I think they are intended for babies with stable necks, and while Elizabeth can hold her head up pretty well, she is prone to clunking her head down or to the side periodically when the weight is a bit much.  So it is still important to hold her head just in case!  She'd also slip right out through one of the legs. 


So I was very happy when my friend Janet gave me a ring sling as a gift, and with instructions from Slingtastic and, as well as a lot of trial and error I think Elizabeth and I have started to get the hang of this!


I think that makes me an official one of these:

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