June 19, 2009
Why yes, I am enjoying being a parent...

I've noticed a number of news articles and commentaries in the past few months asking whether having children are a net positive or negative influence.  Apparently there is some recent "scientific evidence" that proves childless couples are happier than families.  I'm thinking that this is similar to the science behind love (those pesky chemicals in the brain I like to tease new couples about).  Might be part of the story, but certainly not the whole story. 


I have noticed though that many parents love to tell horror stories about their kids.  If your kid hypothetically poops on your mother or pees with such velocity that she hits the wall nearly a meter away, I can understand why childless listeners might react with dismay.  Cleaning up from such a hypothetical incident might not be your favourite activity in the world, even if said incident reduces you to helpless giggles ("What just happened?").


But after nearly four months of child raising experience, I'm thinking that this is more like the stories avid campers like to tell when reminiscing about their favourite trips.  Even the best trips always have parts where the mosquitoes were so numerous they had to line up in order to get a bite in, or where you end up ankle deep in slime while looking for a portage that is no longer maintained.  In general, these less fun parts don't mean that the trip itself wasn't worth making.


Not to mention that there's something about a tale of successful survival that is tremendously appealing.


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June 18, 2009
In which we introduce Elizabeth to our main hobby

Our insurance company thinks that our deck is a safety hazard and has given us until mid-July to repair it. So Grandpa H came over today to pull it down.  I sat Elizabeth in her Bumbo so she could watch him from the dining room.  She sat quietly for quite a long time, although I'm not sure if she was more fascinated by what Grandpa was doing or by her toes!


Surprisingly, her initiation into the world of power tools was not the most exciting milestone reached today - as of about 5am she finally learned how to deliberately roll from her back to her front.  She first rolled from front to back some time ago, and has been happily rolling onto her side for a long time but the other direction was not consistent until today. 


It's amazing how quickly she's mastered the skill.  Two days ago she could roll but it was accidental.  It was obvious she couldn't quite figure out what she was doing to make it happen.  Yesterday she was able to mostly get from back to front except for one arm and her shoulder which was stuck under her body.  This morning she figured out how to free the arm, and by 8am she was rolling over and over and over and over.  Daddy kept moving over in bed in order to give her space, and nearly fell out!  Maybe the little one has been listening to mommy sing one too many silly songs...

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June 17, 2009
A Hard Day at the Office

Elizabeth came to work with us today for the first bbq of the summer.  Grandpa H dropped by too and managed to put her to sleep, leaving us with time to tidy up our office and swap equipment around.


The company we share space with wondered if we might swap for a smaller office since I'm mostly on maternity leave and Brendan has been working from home much of the time.  Although we were at the office for four hours, Elizabeth was not particularly disruptive.  After her nap she amused herself by watching the cars go by and cuddling with coworkers.  I may have to lobby the building for a change table in the washrooms though...

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June 16, 2009
Playing with baby Maria

Cousin time!  Elizabeth and I went to visit Uncle Chris, Auntie Yukiko and cousins Erika and Maria this afternoon.  We came bearing many vegetables - so many that Elizabeth actually had to ride in the sling.  As other people crossed us on the way, they all tried to see whether I had a second child riding in the stroller I was pushing and seemed confused when they noticed that it was full of cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, asparagus, vegetable greens etc etc.

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June 15, 2009
Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!

Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!


I was so excited to get to hold Maria again, but felt a bit guilty since Uncle Brendan still hasn't had a chance to hold her at all.  It's amazing how much heavier Elizabeth feels compared to Maria.  Only a few months have passed and it seems I've already forgotten what holding Elizabeth was like when she was a newborn. 


It was Chris' birthday, but he very kindly made his cake a Mary-friendly one.  It was a wonderful gluten-free sacher torte which I enjoyed a great deal.  It tasted just like I remembered...


Although Elizabeth has lately enjoyed being a "big girl" and often sits at the table with us in her bubblegum pink Bumbo, supper was past her bedtime.  So we more-or-less followed our bedtime routine at someone else's house and were pleased that she went to bed quite peacefully.   I say more-or-less because cousin Erika was very interested in "helping" with the story, spreading out blankets and then finally demonstrating how to sleep.  (I was amused)  When it came time to go home, we managed to get Elizabeth into her car seat, drive home and remove her from her car seat without waking her!  She did wake up slightly when we put her into bed, but went right back to sleep.



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