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September 20, 2009

There is nothing like an increasingly mobile baby to point out how dangerous and inadequately baby-proofed a particular location can be.


In unrelated news (ahem), Elizabeth has finally figured out how to crawl. She's been able to slither around -mostly backwards - for a few weeks and in the past week started going in circles.  But this morning marked the first time that she was able to move in a straight line towards an intended target.  Target #1 was a shiny black and white library book ("The Orthodox Heretic" for those interested), which we thought was quite appropriate.


She tends to crawl once, flop down to see if she can reach what she's moving towards, then get back up on hands and knees to move another "step" closer.  Her crawling style is a little unorthodox as she tends to stick her bum way up in the air, using her toes to move forward instead of her knees.  Apparently Daddy did something similar when learning how to walk.  Oh Dear!


Needless to say, we're slightly terrified by all the new things she is now able to get into.


September 19, 2009

Uncle Dave married "Almost Auntie Karen" (aka Godmother Karen) today in a beautiful ceremony here in Ottawa.  Elizabeth got to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa J since Mom and Dad were in the wedding party and therefore slightly preoccupied!


She started crying as the bridesmaids walked down the aisle, but a five minute walk outside the church with Grandpa lulled her to sleep and she slept peacefully through the rest of the ceremony. 


September 18, 2009

We thought it might be cute to have all three cousins in matching dresses, and Dave and Karen's wedding gave us the perfect excuse.  It turns out that locating matching dresses for a four month, six month and three year old is pretty difficult.  I looked around at a number of stores, but just finding something wedding suitable was proving to be a slight challenge.  So, we decided to make them ourselves.


My paternal grandmother was an extremely proficient seamstress - she actually made my mother's wedding dress (which I wore when Brendan and I were married). She even made her own bras and underpants!  Not that I actually checked this.  But I do recall being told this amazing fact about my grandmother in awed tones.  Making underclothing always seemed like the pinnacle of sewing proficiency to me.


Although my maternal grandmother also sewed, my mom always said that this was not a skill she had inherited.  I always enjoyed going through our scrap fabric basket and the button box, but I cannot actually recall my mother using them for sewing.  She did make me a beautiful dress when I was about thirteen, but I gathered it was a fairly painful process.  This was probably because it didn't involve darning over a lightbulb (the only kind of sewing my mom has ever confessed to enjoying).  When we were married, I duly warned Brendan that he should not expect me to do any sewing, and gratefully turned over all of my mending to his care. 


This is why the idea that I might help make matching dresses was met with some skepticism.  I am ridiculously proud to announce that said skepticism was entirely unjustified!  I can no longer claim to be sewing-challenged, because not only did I make two little dresses (for Elizabeth and Maria), but I made them underpants!!! (Here modelled on Erika's head)  Erika's dress was made by Grandma J - the little girl dresses are similar.


For those wondering how this miraculous transformation was achieved, it was entirely due to the coaching of my wonderful mother-in-law Margaret who first taught me to sew and then patiently helped me figure out how to read patterns and put things together. 


September 16, 2009
Is sticking your tongue out to one side and blowing raspberries an important developmental stage?  Perhaps it's an inevitable one if your parents model similar behaviour when trying to get you to smile...

September 14, 2009

Elizabeth had her six month checkup today.  She's still on the 10th percentile for weight (6.18 kg or 13.6 pounds) and on the 25th percentile for height at 65cm.


The doctor told us no more shots for another six months!  I guess this means that she doesn't recommend any variant of the flu shot for Elizabeth.  Elizabeth actually took her shots quite calmly this time, although she was not particularly happy to be examined by the doctor immediately afterwards.


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