November 7, 2009

We went to a lovely "BYOB" or "Bring Your Own Baby" party today hosted by our friends John and Karin.


Elizabeth was quite suspicious of the new people and especially the friendly white cat.  She seems to have the same opinion of cats as she does Rosie (our Roomba vaccuum); in other words, she's terrified but completely fascinated.  So she took some time to warm up, but once she did she had a great time stalking (ahem - I mean playing) with all the other babies and their toys, especially friend Aidan.


I haven't written too much about solids, but those of you who have been around at mealtimes know that Elizabeth isn't exactly a good eater.  With cousin Erika as our example, we kind of expected that when we started feeding her solids that she'd open her mouth and, well, eat!  This turned out to be an unrealistic expectation...  We've kept at the meals two or three times a day, feeding her a selection of food which she alternatively gagged on, spat out and generally tried to avoid eating. 


So we were very surprised and pleased when Elizabeth ate quite a lot of Daddy's cracker and almost an entire grape at the baby party!

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November 6, 2009
Eight Month Teddy

We took these pictures October 30th, but didn't post them thinking that maybe we'd do a retake with a bit more light.  And then daylight savings time hit and sleep moved from a priority to an obsession.  So Elizabeth, when you look back at these pictures years from now and wonder why these ones are not as snazzy as the others you'll know why...

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November 4, 2009
Green Bins

Our green bin arrived today, to Elizabeth's intense interest.  We already compost during the summer, so this isn't the big innovation city council thinks it is.  I'm extremely doubtful that the green bin will reduce our garbage by anywhere close to 40%.  


The new bin does apparently take table scraps (including meat) which we don't currently compost in our backyard for fear of the giant racoons.  Not to mention fear of maggots, which the green bin information booklet brightly told us was a possibility.  We'll have to see how long it takes our racoons to eat through the lid...





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November 1, 2009
Mmm blueberries
Mmm blueberries...
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October 30, 2009
Helping Mommy
Elizabeth made her first carrot cake (with help from mommy) last Saturday.  Her favourite part was softening the cream cheese....
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