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February 20, 2010

The canal has not fared well with our recent warm weather and brushings of snow, but we bravely joined the throngs of Winterluders after the main skateway was plowed and even dragged Daddy along for his second skate of the season.


Last weekend Erika went skating with sister Maria and Grandma J.  I gather that Maria cried whenever they stopped moving and Erika cried whenever they were moving.  "This is so frustrating!" She apparently kept saying, to Grandma's great amusement.


So when Erika decided to try skating on her own for the very first time today we were all surprised to find that she's suddenly pretty stable on her feet.  You could see her gaining confidence at every step.  It was pretty amazing and I think it officially marks the moment when I can no longer think of her as "one of the babies".


February 16, 2010

I was really looking forward to this past long weekend, as Ottawa had numerous special events scheduled in celebration of weekend two of Winterlude (Friday - Sunday), Family Day in Ontario (yesterday), and Heritage Day in Ottawa (today).  We could have gone for a sleigh ride at Billings Estate, edible fort building at the war museum and there were some fun things to do at City Hall.


Alas, Elizabeth started coming down with a cold and by Saturday evening it was obvious she wasn't feeling her best.  To add insult to injury, she is teething.  By Sunday evening she was crying on and off, passing out for a few minutes at a time before accidentally inhaling a booger and waking up screaming.  She was so uncomfortable that my heart might be permanently cracked. 


Then she started to throw up and she was really miserable.  We think the combination of stuffy nose, mucus and drool were too much for her little tummy, but regardless of cause it continued all day.  She only got me twice but eww!  Let's just say I considered whether short hair might be a good idea.


She didn't want to do anything but sit on Mommy's lap for most of Family Day with big fat tears rolling down her cheeks.  So we sat in front of the Olympics while she wailed and nursed.  I rocked and wiped her nose and held the bucket for her.  Daddy fetched us things and did the laundry.  By the end of the afternoon she felt a bit better and played with Daddy for an hour while I slept and we even got our first smile of the day when the skaters on TV waved back at her.


Today was better but our poor little girl is still quite miserable.  So miserable that we are basically letting her do whatever she wants (even play with mommy's computer - the ultimate in treats!).  Even so the smiles are few and far between.


February 13, 2010

We got out on the canal for Elizabeth and my tenth skate of the year on Saturday and we even managed to drag Daddy along.


In the afternoon Daddy and Elizabeth spent quality time hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa J and Uncle Chris and Erika.  My friend Ruth and I headed to the Ottawa Family Cinema for Sing-along Sound of Music.  We ended up having to leave immediately after the wedding scene as Elizabeth was missing her mommy but I greatly enjoyed the experience (it was one of those showings where people dress up, shout things at the screen and we were even issued firework poppers filled with confetti to let off when the Captain and Maria finally kiss for the first time!)


I'd never even heard of the Ottawa Family Cinema before, but I'm seriously tempted by some of the other sing-a-long movies coming up... Wizard of Oz, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers...  And when Elizabeth gets a bit older and we want to take her to the movies?  I suspect this is high on the list of places we might start.


February 12, 2010

We had our last baby sensory class today. 


Baby sensory is an hour long class.  It starts with circle time during which we sing songs and have various sensory experiences.  Some examples of the things we played with were wind chimes, feathers, and bubbles!  We then get to move to the "exploratory area" set up with neat toys specifically chosen for their ability to stimulate the senses (sight, hearing and touch only though).  Elizabeth is particularly fond of a little toy radio that lights up and plays cheesy pop music, although she is easily distracted with a strategically placed shaker.  Not sure if it's a coincidence that she spends most of her time playing with the kind of toys that Daddy has banned from our house...  After the exploratory time we come back to the circle for a few more sensory experiences.  We've bounced balls and balloons around on a parachute to Elizabeth's great delight, although she wasn't quite sure what to make of the various glowing blinking balls or the fibre optic glow sticks.  We've smacked water around, shaken emergency blankets, felt a variety of fabrics and generally had a lot of fun.


Elizabeth has really been enjoying them so we're hoping to do more classes.  She'll turn thirteen months during the next session which is the upper age limit, so we'll see.


If you are in the Ottawa area, a number of libraries are offering sample baby sensory classes for you to try out - check them out!


Monday, February 16th @ 10am - Hazeldean Branch, 50 Castlefrank
Thursday, February 18th @ 10:50am - Emerald Plaza Branch, 1547 Merivale
Monday, February 22nd @ 2pm - St. Laurent Branch, 515 Cote
Tuesday, February 23rd @ 10:15am - Elmvale Acres Branch, 1910 St. Laurent
Thursday, February 25th @ 10:15am - Beaverbrook Branch, 2500 Campeau


February 10, 2010

If my pictures seem to be mostly of canal the last week, that's because I've skated on the canal so many times this year I've practically lost track.  Even managed five days in a row, with a blister to prove it.  While she still dislikes her snowsuit intensely, Elizabeth seems to enjoy being out and about.  She'll often lie still (on her back!) to have her snowsuit put on in anticipation of our outing now.


I hesitate to blog about it in case Elizabeth is reading but three weeks after my post about dealing with strangers there are signs that Elizabeth may yet learn to make friends with the world, or at least our immediate family.


Exhibit A: Hanging out at Grandma J's, Elizabeth crawled over to Grandma and asked to go "up".  Then she sat on Grandma's lap eating a cookie.


Exhibit B: Uncle Chris was able to hold Elizabeth for a few minutes while I put my shoes on.


Exhibit C: Our friend Angie from England was visiting for a few days.  Elizabeth got Angie to help her into the exersaucer (no crying even when touched by a stranger!)


This?  Is a vast improvement.


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