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April 28, 2010

Elizabeth turned 14 months old today!


She has six teeth (three on the top, three on the bottom) and weighs 8 kg.  Mealtimes continue to be an adventure.  Elizabeth eats everything as long as it's chocolate.  Favourites include pasta, rice, peaches, broccoli, cheese, cereal, bread and ice cream.  Some days she can't get enough peaches / broccoli / cheese.  Other days she spits these out in disgust. "Done" is still her favourite word and sign.  She uses it whenever she wants to do something else now.  Especially in the car.  She's started to sign "more" but we're not quite sure whether she actually means more or if she means "again" or "want".  If she can see something that she wants she'll often point to it rather than signing.  If the thing that she wants is not on the table, she turns around and points to the kitchen.


In the last week she's started to drink a measurable amount from a sippy cup.  She usually drinks about 25mL to 50mL of milk.  We've stopped offering water except for special occasions because we don't want to fill her tummy full of empty calories.  She's still not that fond of juice.


We're having a bit of a regression on the using the toilet front, which we understand is fairly common at this age.  This is not popular with Mom or Dad.  Mommy has been pretty tired recently which means she's been less attentive to signals.  We actually had a poopy diaper while out and about the other day.  That was actually kind of funny because Mommy didn't quite know how to deal with it (haven't had to since before Elizabeth started solids!)


Elizabeth is still very busy and possibly getting busier.  Leaving the house helps!  At home Elizabeth likes to climb stairs, play with her sorting eggs, read her books, bounce her ball and hug her teddies.  She also likes to ride her tricycle and push her stroller around and around the basement. Although she's still not walking on her own, she seems closer every day. 


April 27, 2010

Memories of yesterday's blue skies, blazing sun and high of 18 degrees have faded quickly in the face of today's wet flurries.  Aside from all the spring flowers everywhere it feels like late November! 


Of course, a few flurries weren't enough to curb Elizabeth's desire to go outside, so when I read that the currency museum is located inside a "tropical indoor Garden court", it was obvious where we'd be headed after her nap. (2010 museum count: 6. Remaining # of museums to visit: 30.)


I'd never been to the currency museum before but I was quite impressed, especially since there is no admission fee.  The architecture and landscaping are really beautiful.  Hopefully it's not wasted on the bankers and accountants that get to work out of offices backing onto the garden court! 


We duly admired the Rai stone money from Yap and Elizabeth had fun dropping a penny or two into the wishing pool.  The museum itself is only a few rooms but they've made good use of the space and it's jam-packed with information.  I was only able to read a few snippets here and there as I was also supervising Elizabeth but what I did see was fascinating enough to warrant a second visit.  I think a guided tour of this place would be very interesting too.


The displays are very artistically arranged, although I don't know whether this comes across in my photos (No flash photography allowed, plus dim lighting, plus active baby doesn't lend itself to brilliant pictures.)  The museum reminded me a lot of an art gallery. The physical space has a lot of comfortable places to sit, including bean bag chairs for the younger visitors. 


A few of the things I found particularly interesting:

  • A reproduction of an actual "talent".  Somehow this wasn't what I visualized last time I read Matthew 25:14-30
  • The simulated bank vault with all kinds of older and newer bills.  I took a picture of the Portugal slide just for Grandma and Grandpa H!  Newer Canadian bills are much less pretty than their predecessors.
  • The whole discussion of coin shortages in the colonies.  So many people made coins back then!  I was strongly reminded of Terry Pratchett's very amusing "Making Money", which Brendan and I recently finished reading.

The exhibits are surprisingly child-friendly.  Elizabeth was delighted to discover at least three different colouring stations.  Not quite as popular as the colouring was the exhibit with different fur to pet (pelts were used as currency).  Possibly this reminded her of the scary polar bear at the Museum of Nature, but eventually she got into petting the fur and flipping the panels up to see the corresponding animal underneath.


Elizabeth's favourite part of the museum was probably the two coin memory games.  Each game had eight pairs of matching coin reproductions hidden by panels attached with velcro.  Elizabeth spent quite a lot of time pulling the panels off, throwing them over her shoulder and then grabbing them and putting them back on again. 


A group of about fifty teenagers arrived just as we were leaving so I quickly stuffed a protesting Elizabeth into her snowsuit.  We walked home with wet snowflakes streaming out of the sky.


April 26, 2010

Elizabeth may yet start walking on her own.  She is spending more and more time standing up and walking around things.  Last night she was playing in the living room while K&D visited with us and started pushing her small chair around using it as a walker.


She also seems to be really loving the warmer weather and constantly points outside.  When someone can be persuaded to take her outside she loves every second of it.   Good thing she hasn't yet figured out how to combine her new door opening skill with her desire to explore!


I think we are going to be spending a lot of time outside this summer.  Any thoughts on good outdoor dirt and UV resistant baby clothing?


April 25, 2010

Our parish, St. George's Ottawa, celebrated its 125th anniversary today. We didn't rent period costumes but we did find some period-ish clothing to wear.


Videos to come tomorrow...


April 24, 2010

Elizabeth and I went for a little red wagon ride to see the tulips at Dow's Lake.  She grinned all the way there.


Once at the park we attracted a lot of attention.  "May I photograph your wagon?", asked one of the hundreds of photographers out in full force.  Others waved, smiled and told Elizabeth how lucky she was.


One little boy rather wistfully asked me if I didn't think that Elizabeth was too small for it.  I think she overheard him because she let go of the tulip she was holding, looked at me in the eye, and said "Done!"


I think "Done!" might be her favourite word.  The way back home was a little more difficult because she discovered the back wheel midway at which point she was desperate to touch it, especially while it was moving.  Then she was too hot and took off her sweater.  Then she had to play peek-a-boo with the sweater and threw it on the ground. I promptly ran over it with the wagon, which was so popular that I ended up having to carry the sweater rather than leave it within arm's reach.  Eventually I resorted to giving her bits of vegetation to investigate and throw overboard.


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