May 29, 2010
Great Glebe Garage Sale

Today was the 24th annual Great Glebe Garage sale. I'm happy to report that more stuff left our house than arrived; in fact Brendan and I refrained from any purchases at all.  Elizabeth would have liked to buy many, many things, mostly in the stuffed animal department.  Eventually we decided to come home and let Elizabeth do some of the selling...


After the garage sale we spent a little bit of time working on the playhouse.  We've finished three walls and put in the window.  Elizabeth seems to approve so far.

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May 28, 2010
15 months

It's picture with a bear day!  Just in case you were wondering, now that Elizabeth is over a year old we're only taking these every three months.


We no longer have a baby in the house.  She's officially been replaced by a toddler.  A slightly shaky on her feet toddler, but a toddler nonetheless.


At fifteen months, Elizabeth weighs approximately eight kilos (17.6 pounds).  Her teeth are coming in one after the other but figuring out the current total is difficult without chewed fingers.  There are at least ten (four front top, four bottom top and two molars).  She chews her own fingers too.  The other day she bit her thumbnail so hard she was bleeding from the bottom of the nail!  We hope she outgrows this soon.  Elizabeth still lets us brush her teeth, especially if she gets to brush Mommy's teeth too.  Mommy only lets her do this as a special treat because Elizabeth brushes with great vim and vigour and Mommy has a strong gag reflex...


Elizabeth loves to do things and learn about the world around her.  She is continuously pointing at things and expressing her desires.  She still loves to read, play and snuggle her bears.  She has started to climb anything that doesn't resist too hard and enjoys relocating objects around the house (including furniture).  Anyone seen Mommy's new bank card?

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May 27, 2010
Pudding face!

Is Elizabeth a pudding face?  Did you know that toddlers used to be called "little pudding heads"?  Not because they smear pudding all over their heads, either.

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May 26, 2010

It's been HOT here in Ottawa, and although we have air conditioning at home the weather has been cramping Elizabeth's routine.  She wants to go out, but it's not going for a walk weather.


So cousin Erika and Elizabeth and I headed to Grandma and Grandpa J's pool for a little splashing around.  Elizabeth seems a little more comfortable in the water every time we go swimming.  Supported by copious numbers of pool noodles I was able to tow her around the pool and get a little exercise myself!  She's started to kick her legs in the water and even paddle with her hands from time to time instead of clinging desperately to Mommy like a little koala.


She even floated on her own although she still needs to be reminded that we don't drink pool water...

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May 24, 2010
Maria Turns One!

Cousin Maria is now one year old!!!  She's started to crawl around a lot recently.  It was fun watching the three cousins interact.


We celebrated with dinner on Sunday - Vegetable Christmas soup, roast beef, salad, broccoli and fresh bread from the farmer's market.  Maria needed help blowing out her candles on the apple cake.  Big sister Erika was happy to oblige!  Erika would have "helped" open all the presents too but had to be satisfied with watching.

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