June 24, 2010
Car Exhibit

It was pouring rain today, making it a "museum" day.


The museum of Science and Technology has a special exhibit about Canadian cars, so naturally Elizabeth and I went to check it out.  I was expecting it to be a little more hands-on because I found it a bit disappointing.  Obviously aimed at a much older audience, the cars were all tucked well away with miles of text talking about what makes a car "Canadian".  I guess I can understand that they didn't want kids climbing all over some of the classic heritage models but it would have been nice to have a few more ways to interact with the exhibit, especially given that there are several other cars in the museum that kids can climb in and out.  I did find the material that was there interesting, but given the subject matter I really think this was a missed opportunity.


Elizabeth did enjoy getting into the toy car and playing around when it wasn't being swarmed by other kids, and she was mesmerized by one car that was on a rotating platform.  The toy car allowed kids to take it apart and rebuild in different styles (kind of like a giant 3D puzzle), but the pieces are very heavy and awkward.  We watched quite a number of kids try to change things only to give up and go on to another part of the museum.  It seemed that only late elementary kids and up had the ability to take the car apart and put it back together, and even some of the high school students had trouble figuring out how to put the puzzle together.


Afterwards, we caught the tail end of the cryogenics demonstration where they pour boiling water into liquid nitrogen to create a giant cloud.  Elizabeth watched carefully.  As soon as she was sure it was over she grabbed the stroller, zoomed it around and took off.  There was a lot of walking and running going on.  We were at the museum for three hours and she hardly sat down the entire time.


In other news, we've discovered that she is stronger than the stroller brakes...

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June 20, 2010
Happy Father's Day
Being a father is wonderful.  There is really nothing quite like watching Elizabeth discovering the world around her and being there to hold her hand, make her giggle and catch her when she falls.  Sure it is exhausting and changes you in ways you would never have imagined (I'm now frequently up, showered and breakfasted before I used to even be aware that daylight had poked its nose in the window).  It also has it share of frustrations and heart-breaking moments, but I still wouldn't trade being a Dad for anything else on earth.  I look forward to many more years of teaching Elizabeth about the wonders of the world and the God who made them all (including her).
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June 19, 2010
Strawberry Season

Strawberry season has begun!  Elizabeth, Grandma J and I took our new car to Rideau Pines farm for the first fruits of the season yesterday afternoon.


Elizabeth's stroller was slightly too wide for the strawberry aisles but we perservered with a minimum of fruit crushing.  After a while she decided to come out and pick too.  She doesn't seem to like eating strawberries although squooshing them in her fingers was briefly entertaining.  Mostly she wanted to carry around my basket and put berries in it.  I spent a lot of time handing her one berry at a time.  Unfortunately, it turns out that she also likes taking berries out of the basket.  Preferably by dumping it completely upside down...


We still managed to get two baskets.  Some of the berries are now freezer jam, some are in the freezer waiting to become berry tapioca pudding when strawberry season is a distant memory, and the rest are in my tummy!

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June 18, 2010
Happy Birthday Uncle Chris!

We celebrated Uncle Chris' birthday today with BBQ and gluten-free Sachertorte.


c. butter                                                

1 c. gluten free flour

7 oz. semi-sweet chocolate                        

10 egg whites, stiffly beaten

c. sugar                                                

c. apricot jam

8 egg yolks                                               

pint whipping cream, whipped


Beat butter until creamy.  Melt 6 oz. chocolate.  Add sugar and chocolate to butter; stir.  Add egg yolks one at a time.  Add flour.  Fold in egg whites.  Grease and flour 8\u201310\u201d round pan, (preferably spring form).  Pour mixture in.  Bake in 275 degree oven about one hour.  Test with toothpick.  Cool.  Slice into 2 layers and spread apricot jam between.  Cover with whipped cream and the remaining oz. chocolate, coarsely grated.


To make the original Sachertorte, recipe courtesy of Mrs. Anna Sacher, prepare cake as directed above but do not split into layers.  Spread 2 T. apricot jam over top of cake and cover with the following icing:


1 c. sugar

1/3 c. water

7 oz. semi-sweet chocolate


Cook sugar and water to thin thread.  Melt chocolate in top of double boiler.  Add sugar gradually to chocolate.  Stir constantly until icing coats the spoon.  Pour on top of cake.  Serve with whipped cream.

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June 17, 2010
OEYC Toy Library

These days, Elizabeth loves climbing into chairs of all kinds, sitting back and chilling.  It's about the only way she sits still.  When faced with a room full of chairs she will point to each one in turn and go from chair to chair to chair (and back again sometimes).  Many chairs she can now even climb onto herself.  This greatly frightens her parents who watched her climb onto a chair right next to the dining room table and realized that the remaining distance up to the table top was far less than the distance from the floor to the chair.  The other type of "chair" that she loves to sit on is the moving sort.  We've borrowed a number of ride on devices from the OEYC toy library and she absolutely loves to ride around on them.  Somehow the lion just seemed right...

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