August 10, 2010
Spit baby spit

Elizabeth does seem to be warming up to the lake if perhaps a bit slowly.  She certainly enjoyed the beach today and spent lots of time playing in the sand.  Just as we thought all was well she picked up a big handful of sand and stuffed it in her mouth.  Ack!  No spit that out.  Just as we get all of the sand out of her mouth she grabs another fist full and stuffs it in her mouth again...


Speaking of spitting things out later in the day we gathered for hot dogs, corn, watermelon, smores and the great seed spitting competition.  We decided that this year there was a remote chance that we might be able to persuade Elizabeth to spit out the seed and that in the even that she didn't at least she was big enough that it wouldn't be a choking hazard.  We waited until she had her toes on the line before giving her a corn kernel on the theory that if she didn't like it, spat it out and refused to let another one near her mouth (common food technique) that it would be OK and at least she would get one of three allowed spits in.  It turns out this was a mistake as she gladly popped the corn in her mouth and then didn't know what all the fuss was about as everyone encouraged her to spit it out.  After recording an FTS (Failed To Spit) she went off to the sidelines to practice some more with Mommy.  Several contestants later she lined up again and with a great sense of satisfaction and a big grin she managed to lean way forward and dribble the seed out of her mouth to record a distance of two feet for her first official seed spitting record.  We later inquired with the head judge as to the age of the youngest successful spittee and were told unofficially that about Elizabeth's age was the youngest kids seem to be able to manage to spit on command.  All very entertaining but Elizabeth is going to have to get practicing if she wants to get up to the big leagues for next year.  The older boys were spitting 38-39 feet.  Yikes - watch out for flying corn!

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August 9, 2010
Warming up to the lake
After helping us pick up some supplies in Huntsville in the morning Elizabeth headed down to the beach to enjoy the beautiful day.  She was quite hesitant about the lake but after some coaxing she seemed to enjoy herself playing right at the edge of the water.  Given her love of slides she did also venture to try the slide into the water.  We hope that like last year she will warm up to the lake over the next few days.
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August 8, 2010
Cottage Time

As per our annual tradition we bundled ourselves into our car and headed off to the cottage up in Muskoka.  Elizabeth was quite good during the drive and slept for a good portion of it.  This was just as well as it was raining pretty hard most of the way and we couldn't really have stopped and let her run around without her getting soaked. 


This didn't last... By the end of the trip we were reduced to handing her marshmallows to keep her quiet.  When she got full, she started passing them forward to 'Dada' up front.  In the end we made it to the cottage and even had time for a quick trip down to the water to dip our toes in the lake and say hello to some of the local wildlife before bed.  Elizabeth was so excited exploring the cottage that it took quite a while for her to settle down even with her favourite pyjamas.

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August 7, 2010

Elizabeth is still cutting her last molar and no one is enjoying the process.


I blogged about her night waking to tell Mommy about her sore, sore mouth, and more than a week later she's still talking a lot about how much it hurts day and night.  Poor baby!  A few nights ago we ended up resorting to Tylenol because she was just not able to sleep from the pain.  Mommy is very sympathetic.


I mentioned Elizabeth's teething troubles during yesterday's root canal and the dentist told me that teething is a rather inflammatory process involving the chemical breakdown of the gum. It's highly acidic, so he suggested providing lots of liquids, ice chips and popsicles.


It just so happens that we've been on a bit of a popsicle kick lately, so it's nice to have a good excuse to make more!  We've made golden melon lime, strawberry milkshake, lemon blueberry, lemon cherry, kiwi-banana strawberry milkshake, kiwi banana, peach, peach banana and peach banana raspberry



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August 6, 2010

Our backyard is currently a bit of a construction zone, but that doesn't seem to stop Elizabeth from enjoying it.


We were working on attaching baseboards in our garage.  Once Elizabeth decided that she'd quite like to hammer in addition to bringing Daddy fistfuls of nails, a distraction was clearly in order. She hasn't quite got the hang of croquet yet but found it very amusing.

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