August 27, 2010
Auntie Janice

Elizabeth has discovered Auntie Janice's costume jewelry.  We are very frightened...  Especially poor Teddy.

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August 26, 2010
Cheese Face

Is the development of a special smile for the camera considered a developmental milestone?

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August 25, 2010
Sand sprinkles

Once again proving that I am not overly concerned about dirt, I let Elizabeth eat her ice cream cone in the sandbox today.


It turns out that I DO have a dirt threshold though.  Sandy fingers I'm prepared to overlook, even if Elizabeth does insist on licking them off.  Dipping the whole cone into the sand is going too far...


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August 24, 2010

It's been a while since Elizabeth posed with our Vegetable Christmas vegetables.  She was much more cooperative when she couldn't get away, but sneaky mom gave her vegetables to admire and sang "Sleeping Bunny" and "If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands" which distracted her long enough to take a couple of shots anyway.  Only a few tomatoes were gooshy afterwards.


Then cousin Erika came over to paint a t-shirt and bake brownies as a reward for calmly getting her vaccination (last time she apparently hid under a table).  Maria had to settle for aquadoodling with water on the floor.  Both babies were very interested in helping Erika but between Brendan, Yukiko and I we did manage to run more or less effective interference on Erika's behalf.


T-shirt complete, Elizabeth and Erika settled down to some serious running around and playing together.  By the time Erika and Maria's Daddy came to take them home, Elizabeth and Erika were rolling around on the floor hugging and giggling uncontrollably.

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August 23, 2010

Last full day with Grandma and Grandpa H.  Elizabeth wakes up in the morning and asks to go downstairs to see "Bapa" (Grandpa).  He taught her how to play airplane with her food, in the hopes that she would eat more.  Now she spends time zooming food around in the air and making vrooming noises, but it doesn't seem to have increased the quantity or type of food she eats...


Grandma and Elizabeth had a great time building and decorating sandcastles. And then smashing them to smithereens.

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