February 1, 2011
Spartacat goes swimming

We brought home an Ottawa Senators Spartacat colouring sheet from the library in the hopes of winning free tickets. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I thought that Elizabeth might be able to colour quietly while I had a shower. 


At first I thought I'd had a brilliant idea, until Elizabeth trotted into the bathroom to show me her completed picture.  I wasn't even completely wet yet.  "Good job!" I said.  "Why don't you go colour the balloons now?" "Okay", she said and trotted back to add a single mark to her paper.  Fifteen seconds later she was back.  I sped up my scrubbing and sent her off again to colour various body parts, but after a few trips Elizabeth may have realized that I couldn't really see her picture from behind the shower curtain with my eyes screwed shut against the shampoo.


"Ook Mama!  Ook!" said Elizabeth, grabbing the shower curtain and leaning into the bathtub.

"Watch out!" I replied.  "If you aren't careful, you'll get your pretty drawing wet."


"Oops", said Elizabeth as the drawing landed in the tub.


Great concern but eventually Daddy came to the rescue with a hair dryer.

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January 28, 2011
23 Months

Nearly two years old, 22 pounds and nearly 85 cm tall.  Or so we think.  The measuring tape seems to have stalled but we know she's getting taller because her head keeps popping up above objects that she couldn't reach before.  Other children her age are definitely taller than she is now, and it doesn't look like she's going to end up seven feet tall (phew!).  They say that if you double a girl's height between 18 months and two years you'll end up with her adult range.  Right now it looks like Elizabeth will end up around mom's height or slightly taller.


Elizabeth is starting to correct us when we call her our "baby".  "Not a baby", she says.  "I'm a big girl!"  Of course, Daddy has noticed that if she doesn't want to do something (eg sit on the toilet or walk on her own two feet) - THEN she's a not a big girl anymore - she's a "baby"!


She's developing a sense of humour.  She stole Grandma's nose and put it back again.  Then Bunny (a stuffed toy rabbit) was sitting in Auntie Janice's chair at the dining table.  "Hello Janice", said Elizabeth to Bunny.  When Janice came downstairs for breakfast, she was greeted with "Hello, Rabbit!"


She says "Hello" to many inanimate objects too.  Often she starts with "Oh!", as if she's surprised to see whatever it is. "Hello Froggy" "Hello House" "Hello Car" "Hello Fork".  Now that she's a big girl she's decided that she needs a metal fork to eat with.  I guess it works better than the plastic fork!  She's still happy to eat with a plastic spoon because they are a better fit for her mouth.


She received panties for Christmas and all of a sudden she's potty trained to the point where she wears the same pair of underwear all day!  Panties go in the laundry because they've been worn too long, not because they are wet or dirty!!!  We're still putting her into diapers at night, but she doesn't always cooperate.  Most of the time that's okay too, but there was one night that Mom had to change the sheets.  Elizabeth wasn't feeling very well that day though.


She still nurses to sleep (naps and bedtime) and informs us when she'd like to have a snooze.  "Nap and Nurse please!"  Naptime doesn't happen every day but when it does it's about 3:30pm.  Bedtime is between 7pm and 8pm. She always goes to bed in her own room and often stays there until about six in the morning.  She then comes to cuddle and nurse in "Mummy's bed".  If we're lucky we get another couple of hours of sleep before she demands her "brekkfass".  She likes to make waffles and eggs but if we really want her to eat we give her Raisin Bran cereal with "Lizbeth milk" (she gets whole milk instead of the 1% Mom and Dad usually drink).  Elizabeth carefully picks out all of the raisins "for Daddy" and then eats an adult sized portion.  Often she requests seconds or even thirds.  We still joke that she's a vegetarian that eats bacon and sausage but the only sausage she'll eat these days is a spicy pepperoni.


She loves to "chase" and be chased.  She also loves to push around her little toy strollers.  Combining these two activities is a favourite game we call stroller derby.  Daddy pushes one of the toy strollers around in the basement chasing Elizabeth pushing the other until she gets so giggly that she can barely walk in a straight line. 


But helpfulness is still her defining characteristic...

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January 27, 2011
Bye Bye

Grandma and Grandpa left Ottawa today after a lovely visit.  They had a long trip ahead.  First, a road trip to Toronto, then flights to South Africa via England, followed by a long car ride through Namibia before arriving at their final destination in Angola.


Elizabeth was excited to "help" pack and load the car, but less excited to see her playmates leave.  So we planned a busy day.  We were going to skate to her library program but Daddy accidentally took her stroller to work with him.  Instead, we sledded to Bank Street and then took a bus.  This was so exciting Elizabeth's still talking about it more than a week later.  After storytime we painted ceramics at the Mud Oven.  Then we went shopping.  We hardly had time to miss Grandma and Grandpa before they were able to Skype with us!

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January 25, 2011
Tea Party with Cousins

I'd promised Elizabeth a tea party today, so she was thrilled that her cousins showed up to share it with her.


We had lions, tigers and bear cookies, little cheese slices in the shape of the moon, lime jello and lots of milky tea.  I refilled the miniature teapot half a dozen times!  Mind you, my pouring skills need work - lots of milk and tea ended up on the table.


After the tea party, Erika and Elizabeth made jello while Maria practiced walking around the kitchen.  Jello usually comes in crystals here in Canada, but I have some special jelly imported from England that you cut up with a knife and dissolve.  Family friend Angie brings it when she visits for Winterlude.  I'm particularly fond of the English jello because the flavours are more intense and it's the kind I had growing up!

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January 24, 2011
Tump tump

There's been a lot of listening to chests recently.


Elizabeth got to listen too.  "Beeping!" she said excitedly.

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