March 14, 2011
Happy Pi Day

My husband memorized twenty-two digits of pi in highschool as part of a campaign to outdo my friend Jess.  Fifteen years later and he still says that all he wants is to know more than she does.  Boys.  Of course, twenty-two digits is not very impressive by geek standards (too many six year olds reciting hundreds of digits on youtube), but it's way more than I personally can recite.  My new favourite excuse is that Pi is wrong.  This is actually so I can claim to know more digits of Tau than Brendan.


Anyway, in honour of Pi day I made Elizabeth listen to a musical representation, and then we made gluten-free chocolate pies.  I used to make pie a lot but I'm out of practice because the dough was a pain to work with.


So was Elizabeth. She rolled out the dough very nicely and then spent the rest of her time crumbling and dropping bits on the floor.  "I'm making a mess!", she said gleefully. Then she asked Daddy to lift her up so she could wash her hands "by self".  As soon as she was done, back to the "mess" she went, plunging her hands into the dough and getting sticky all over again. Daddy soon set her to wiping the floor with a cloth.


I ended up dropping small amounts of flour on the floor for her to clean so that I could finish cutting out the dough.

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March 13, 2011
Too Berry Blueberry

Elizabeth was showered with birthday gifts from dear friends that we visited recently.


This is how Elizabeth came to have her first lollipop; a special guaranteed gluten free organic one by YummyEarth and imported from Kingston.



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March 12, 2011

If you are waiting for the Aviation museum to open in order to satisfy a certain small person's sudden and intense desire to see "AIRPLANES MUMMY DEAR!", Chapters is a good place to go. The location by Silver City is now on my list of fun things to do. 


There's a neat bench shaped like a teacup just perfect for reading some of those books before you buy them, a dollhouse, a train table, a chalkboard and a workbench with tools.  Not to mention lots and lots of bouncy balls. 


Okay, so the balls were for sale and I don't know whether the store really wanted half a dozen toddlers playing dodge ball in the kid's section, but it was super fun for Elizabeth. I could see the staff keeping an eye on the game in case they needed to intervene, but it didn't come to that!  I was able to resist buying a ball, but only barely.

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March 11, 2011

We've been to one of the Canadian Museum of Science and Technology museums at least once every day since the beginning of March.


Today we went to all three, saving what's become a daily trip to the Agriculture Museum for last. When we first started going, Elizabeth had a wonderful "petrified monkey" routine she'd do whenever we were too close to the "scary" animals.  Now she walks by herself dragging me from pen to pen so she can greet each by name.  She still gets scared sometimes, but there is no question that she's visibly more confident every time we go.  She won't actually touch any of the animals, except for sheep and rabbits.  The sheep have to be facing away from her and not giving any sign that they know she is petting them.  This is probably a good thing - I don't want her to become one of those kids who walk right up in between the cows and start kissing them.


The Agriculture Museum is probably the only museum in town with self-updating exhibits. We were lucky enough to be there when the latest animal arrived - a four year old horse named Merril!

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March 9, 2011

Our old playdough was more than a year old and starting to smell "off" so I decided to make some more a couple of weeks ago.  I was surprised how well it kept.  It's been in an airtight container in a cool, dark place, but not refrigerated or anything.


Maria, Erika and Elizabeth helped me make the dough, so we ended up with lots of different colours.  The new batch is kind of sticky - the Internet says this can be easily fixed by adding more (gluten-free) flour, but I haven't actually tried this yet!  Elizabeth is enjoying it anyway, making oodles of pretend cookies and lecturing me if I pretend I'm actually going to eat them.  "Mommy-dear!  Those aren't tasty!", she says.  I'm trying to not care that the different colours of dough are slowing getting mashed together.

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