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April 12, 2011

A while ago Elizabeth and Maria were eating pancakes and Maria ended up with chocolate with all over her face.  Elizabeth thought this was the most hilarious thing ever, so we told her to go and look at her own face in the mirror.  She nearly fell over laughing at her "chocolate face".


Ever since checking whether her face is "clean" or a "chocolate/pasta/icecream/whatever face" has practically become a suppertime ritual.


April 11, 2011

Elizabeth and I went on a spectacularly unsuccessful duck feeding expedition near the arboretum today.


The ducks were not at all interested, even though I waded out through the mud with Elizabeth to chuck bits of bread at them.  So I fed Elizabeth and the seagulls instead, until the wind blew her empty stroller upside-down and nearly into the lake. (A passing jogger rescued it).


We spotted what I thought was a groundhog frolicking on the grass, so I let Elizabeth loose to investigate.  "I want to chase it", she said.  On closer inspection the "groundhog" turned out to be abnormally small, with a very long tail and a propensity for swimming!


April 10, 2011

Now that the snow has melted, Elizabeth doesn't need to wear snow pants or snow boots outdoors.  She was never fond of the snow pants but giving up boots is apparently very confusing.


During the winter, she was only allowed to wear her beloved green "Froggy" shoes indoors. Not that said shoes actually have any frogs on them.  Anyway, she could wear the shoes and be carried, or wear the boots and walk.  She almost always chooses to walk, unless she's very tired or not feeling well.  Getting her to put on her shoes to go outside is a real struggle, because it's just not the way things are done.  I'm also constantly getting reminded to put on my mitts and hat, regardless of the temperature!




April 9, 2011

We didn't exactly finish grading our backyard last fall, and we still have an ice lake under our deck


Turns out that Elizabeth's playhouse has transformed itself into an old fashioned ice box.  Even with temperatures in the twenties there is still a rather large slab of ice.  In other news, we managed to heat our garage to 56 degrees celcius.  We'll be getting a remote temperature monitor apparently.  And a new heater.  I am not looking forward to THAT electricity bill!


April 8, 2011

Elizabeth is very excited because she can play outside.  In the playground.  Without mittens and snow!  Her first visit to the playground this spring was relatively restrained.  She picked up fistfuls of sand and watched the sand sift through her fingers.


Apparently upon her second visit to the playground with Auntie Yukiko and her cousins she let loose and grabbed two big handfuls of sand and threw them in the air all over everyone...


Look out world!  It's spring.


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