June 2, 2011
Tinth Anniversary

Tenth wedding anniversaries are supposed to be celebrated with tin.  "Modern" girls apparently like diamonds better but I eshewed an engagement ring in order to make sure I didn't end up with one, so my husband figured correctly that I'm more the "traditional" type. So he made me a beautiful flower out of tinfoil. See - that's why I married him.  Practical, knows what I like, and a healthy streak of romance.


Speaking of romance, you might wonder about what on earth my daughter is holding. Dad - avert your eyes and skip to the next paragraph. Some months ago I discovered that you can subscribe to just about anything online.  Like socks, where they will send you a couple of fancy pairs of socks every month.  More popular is a service called "panties by post".  I thought this was *hilarious* and joked that we should try it.  Brendan decided that it would be funny to subscribe - except he didn't want to actually subscribe so he came up with his own version. This is why I'm keeping him ;)


I dried part of my wedding bouquet, but to my chagrin the orchids disintegrated into a soggy mess. So my sweetie ordered flowers in an arrangement that was reminiscent of my original bouquet so that I can try again. Stephanotis is apparently really hard to get now, but I only had it in my bouquet because it was the "trendy wedding flower", so the white orchids used as a substitute were quite acceptable.


We honeymooned in Ottawa because neither of us like travelling and besides, we kind of live in a tourist town!  So we thought it would be fun to repeat some of the things we did a decade ago.  Like take a boat tour, and go out for Greek food.  We even took the day off work!  I did not slice my thumb open this time though.


Elizabeth loved the boat tour - of course we brought her along! We opted for Paul's Cruise Line instead of Lady Dive's Amphibus (historical inaccuracy!), due to feeling the company inadequately addressed the safety concerns after the fatal accident.  In any case we'd been on Paul's Cruise less than a month after our wedding. For the record, the spiel hasn't changed significantly, but the ride costs $5 per person more.


I was surprised that the tour guide didn't mention One Hundred Foot Line, which has been extremely controversial and certainly stands out a lot more than the rolling ball clock that the guide thought "might not work".  In any case, this was our first glimpse of the sculpture and we were underwhelmed.  It looked pretty cool in the photos (see link), but from the river it just looked out of place.


After our tour we dropped Elizabeth off at Uncle Chris and Auntie Yukiko's.  Elizabeth suggested she might like to go to the restaurant for a date with Daddy and Mommy-dear and cried when I left.  By the time we got back she was having so much fun swimming "ike a fish" in the tub with Erika that she didn't want to come home. (Clearly not our child as normally bathtime is a bit of a trial). Also, she got to wear YaYa's pjs.


The Greek restaurant where we got engaged has sadly closed, along with a couple of our backups, so we tried Kallisto's based on my iPhone's suggestion.  Actually, the phone said it wasn't particularly gluten-free friendly, but the "best" and "safest" restaurant did not have the romantic atmosphere required.  Kallisto's was okay and I wasn't ill after eating there, but it's not going to replace Papagus in our hearts.  We'll have to keep looking...


Then we came home for raspberries, cream and a little chocolate for me.

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May 29, 2011
Maria is TWO

Maria is two, going on seven. (Erika tried to teach Maria how to show her age with her fingers.)  The picture with the thumb? That's Erika's.  Proud Uncle Brendan feels it's more authentic to post it unedited. 


Elizabeth hero-worships Erika, but at the moment it's Maria that she copies - baby-talk, mannerisms and clothes.  Not willing to wear a particular new outfit? She'll wear anything if she thinks it belongs to "YaYa".


Some of our furniture, utensils, sippy cups and toys also apparently belong to "Yaya".  Sometimes this is weird but convenient.


Ed. note: I just realized I forgot to hit publish on my post about Elizabeth's first train ride

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May 28, 2011
Great Glebe Garage Sale

Today was the 25th Annual Great Glebe Garage Sale.  Elizabeth has participated before, but this year she was more interested in pretending to sleep and/or urgently looking at the grass if anyone dared say hello. 

We bought a glass of lemonade from the little neighbour girl next door.


Despite threatening skies, so many people were wandering around that I started to wish I hadn't brought little red wagon (too crowded to walk properly).  The dragon boat ladies were super organized as usual and even had rain protection! 


My favourite "find" was the lady selling aprons made out of ties, although the only thing I actually bought was a couple of tiny plastic lawn chairs for Elizabeth.  She is thrilled and wants to keep them in the house with her.

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May 27, 2011
First Movie; First Happy Meal

Elizabeth experienced a lot of "firsts" this trip. For instance, she saw her first feature film in a theater.  For the record, it was an IMAX film about Niagara Falls "Legends and Daredevils".  It was LOUD.  It featured a suicide story, civil war and people trying to drown themselves and their pets in a quest for fame.  We watched it at Elizabeth's supper time and into bedtime.  My grandmother summed it up best: "Well, that was a really inappropriate movie for a two year old!" Luckily, Elizabeth survived the experience by nursing almost the entire time while Mommy blocked the baby's ears and wished she had her own earplugs. Extended nursing for the win!


Another questionable first: Happy meals. I regret to say that Elizabeth ate at McDonald's four times during this trip, mostly because it was one of the easiest places to "eat" gluten free.  Not that it was exactly easy.  I had to look up their allergy menu on my phone, and while it is possible to figure out what is gluten free from this document, doing so is very time consuming!


I needed every second of the more than fifteen minute wait to figure out what the heck I could order.  And after reading the ingredients I had mostly lost my appetite.  Janice ordered a Happy meal thinking she'd share with Elizabeth.  I had vaguely thought toys were banned, but it turns out that's only in San Francisco.


"Girl or Boy toy", they asked.  "Girl", Janice responded.  We ended up with a really cute but weird pink ball that grows ears and eyes when you press a button.  The Happy Meal container was one half weird pink ball decorations and the other half Tonka truck decorations, so when I ordered Elizabeth her own Happy Meal a few days later (I know - but honestly the other options were not much better!) I opted for the "boy" toy, since Elizabeth really likes trucks. So of course we got this weird and useless Einstein bobble head thing.  Why McDonald's insists on labelling the toys by gender instead of the actual toy is beyond me.

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May 26, 2011
First Train Ride

We took the train home because Daddy wanted to keep the car.  Something about needing to work while we were off gallivanting...

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