July 19, 2011
Crafts in the Park

Apparently the City of Ottawa has staff who go around from city park to city park with craft supplies and balloon animals. Sometimes they organize games.  I'd never heard of this before, so we were quite surprised to be approached at the park and asked whether Elizabeth wanted to make paper bugs.


We thought "Park-ticipate" was a lot of fun. Elizabeth was especially psyched that she got to get her own balloon puppy. I wish I knew the rationale behind the program though.  As Brendan pointed out, the park (and splash pad) is pretty entertaining without crafts without paid staff...

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July 18, 2011
Homemade pool

Now you know what to do if you don't have a wading pool, and your daughter wants to go swimming...


It helps if your backyard is already a giant mud pit, so one more hole doesn't look too out of place ;)

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July 17, 2011
Orphan Photos

I've managed to collect a whole bunch of photos that I can't bear to delete and don't have time to blog about separately.


In no particular order:

  • Elizabeth digging in the garden with her "liddle" shovel(s)
  • Uncle Dave putting a whole pepperoni sausage on his mini pizza.  Elizabeth said "that's silly".
  • Elizabeth playing with her duck, which Brendan thinks has the most annoying wake up song ever.
  • Favourite activities currently include blowing bubbles, playing in the yard and making crafts. Don't be fooled, the croquet mallet is actually a "liddle horsey" who needs to eat a lot of sand and drinks air.
  • First full size sandwich. PB&J, "by self".
  • Hiding inside the grocery bin is cute, but startling for Mommy.
  • All stores should have their own Elizabeth-sized cart (and I seriously considered buying it!).
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July 14, 2011

I told Elizabeth last night that we would go berry picking with Grandma J today.


"I'll go get the baskets", she excitedly proclaimed this morning. Daddy thinks she's inherited a certain maternal family tendency to CHARGE... The raspberries were super plentiful and while Elizabeth doesn't eat raspberries anymore than she eats strawberries, I had a much easier time getting her to pick ripe berries this time. I told her ripe raspberries were red and came off the bush easily, and the second part seemed to be the extra information she needed.


Or maybe her improved picking skill was because Rideau Pine's very friendly lab came to check whether she was doing it right! Elizabeth was a little nervous around the dog until it dropped a slobbery ball in front of her and demanded a game. "Throw the ball, Mummy-dear", she insisted. I did but yech!


I have to mention that any pictures of me (or just raspberries) were taken by Elizabeth. She asked for "her turn" very nicely and was so proud to be taking pictures.  Her technique is to point at Mommy and then repeatedly press the shutter button. 22 pictures later I managed to get the camera back. Then she filled her basket with her sweater and declared that her basket was full. Nice try but Mommy had to fill her basket too!


After a while Elizabeth decided she was "weelly tired".  So I made her a little bed of sweaters and she had a restless "nap", interrupted by many requests for stories and telling me about all the things she could hear (birds, airplanes, a train...) Then she heard a tractor and had to leap up to wave hello to the farmer. There were two tractors, driving back and forth and forth and back and "chasing the doggie Mommy-dear", so the nap changed into an impersonation of a jack-in-the-box.

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July 13, 2011
The orange cup

We took Elizabeth to the nice doctor mans today.  Her pediatrician wasn't on duty so we just went to a random Appletree clinic downtown based on the wait time. I was super impressed - the way the clinic is organized they were keeping patients motoring through. The wait time was supposed to be 30 minutes, but we arrived and barely had time to sit down before they called our name. The nice mans (nurse?) measured and weighed Elizabeth and took our history on a digital pad shared with the doctor.  Elizabeth was very impressed with the measuring part because she had to put her feet right against the elephant on the wall. For those wondering, elephant says she's 87cm tall and she weighs 10.9 kilos (24 lbs). Still on her curve, in other words.


Elizabeth was unexpectedly enthusiastic about the concept of peeing into a cup. Mommy may have organized all kinds of fun activities this week but none topped the novelty of giving her first urine sample. So proud, she really wanted to bring it home. At bedtime, Elizabeth wanted to pee in the orange cup again.


The verdict from the doc was an unsurprising UTI. Last time Elizabeth had antibiotics the only way she would take them was while breastfeeding, which was messy. We were bracing ourselves for two year old medicine battles, but turns out she's actually quite proud of her medicine.


We've had a LOT of conversations about medicine helping you feel better if you are sick, but making you feel sick if you are already better. Auntie Janice thought I was a bit nuts when I told her off for talking about the medicine "tasting yummy", but one of my earliest memories is of a really fun game I played as a three year old.  Basically the game consisted of eating children's tylenol for breakfast, lunch and supper before pretending to sleep and then waking up and starting all over again.  I do not recall the resulting ambulance ride or stomach pumping but my mother clearly will never forget those.

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