July 31, 2011
Ice cream potluck

We often have several flavours of ice cream lurking in our freezer.  There's a rumour that we might have had eight tubs of different kinds back in January. Clearly I've taken to heart my Mom's notion that humans have a special ice cream stomach.


So here's my version of how to host an ice-cream potluck in four easy parts.


1) Provide cones, bowls and toppings.  We had waffle cones, waffle bowls, gluten free cones and "ordinary cones", bananas, chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, maraschino cherries, marshmallow goo, skor bits, butterscotch chips, chocolate chips, m&m's and whipping cream. When they saw all the bowls out, someone commented that it was the summer version of our annual gingerbread building party.


2) Ask your guests to bring their favourite ice cream flavour. Mango, black cherry, mayan chocolate, "chunky monkey" banana, Death by chocolate, Moose Tracks, mint, sugar maple, jamocan almond fudge, and really too many others to list out. We even had a selection of dairy and sugar free options.


3) Indulge.


4) Get your guests to take ice cream home with them! It's more fun if you specify that they don't have to take the ice cream that they arrived with.


Step four is pretty important. Quite a few of our earlier guests escaped without an ice cream doggy bag.  Not that we really mind the leftovers.

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July 30, 2011
Moving Day

We came, we moved and then we showered.


Erika thought we'd literally be showering at Auntie Karen's baby shower.  I think she was disappointed to hear it was "just another party".


At the end of the day Dave and Karen were sucessfully moved into their new home / box maze!

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July 29, 2011
Ready, Set, Pack!

Auntie Karen and Uncle Dave let us help with their last minute packing, so we were there to catch Uncle Dave's celebration when they got "the" phone call telling them to come and get their keys.  A few minutes later we were left alone to finish packing.  Dave was so excited he even forgot his coffee!


We did pack some odds and ends but there may have been some cardboard box house building, toddler packing and "moneys" counting too.


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July 27, 2011
Monkey see, Monkey do

Friend Aidan brought his Mommy and sister over to play.  "Yay, yay, yay", cheered Elizabeth when she heard he was coming.  We headed to our closest park. Elizabeth spent a lot of time staring at baby Caitlin and getting all wet under the splash pad sprinklers. Aidan spent most of his time ignoring the ages 5-12 signs on the playstructure, climbing up the hard way to get to the slides.  He actually climbed most of it by himself but by the time I got my camera out Dianne decided some assistance would be prudent.


As soon as Elizabeth observed his superior climbing skills, she immediately decided she "needed" to try it as well. Aidan climbs the monkey bars? Elizabeth do it too. Aidan goes down the big slide? Elizabeth do it too. Aidan goes down the tall spiral slide? Well... I actively discouraged that one.  She has a rather sensitive tush when it comes to going down slides in direct sunlight and I had visions of her getting to the top and then deciding that it was too hot to actually slide.  Getting her down from the top via the stairs didn't look fun.


So I made her test the slide temperature at the bottom.  She was still stubbornly all set to go but thought better of it when she touched the metal rungs of the ladder with her bare feet.  "Too 'ot", she decided. 

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July 23, 2011

Our local heat wave may not compare to the heat wave in 1936 where fruit literally cooked on the trees, but we were nonetheless profoundly grateful for modern technology.


Our car was parked in the shade when it gave us that temperature!

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