September 1, 2011

We've wanted to go camping all summer but it took us until September to make it happen. Actually - we DIDN'T make it happen - Auntie Heather did by effortlessly picking a date and inviting us all along. Auntie Yukiko also deserves credit because she's been encouraging me to pick a date for weeks.


So five adults took seven kids camping at Fitzroy Harbour.  That would be Heather, Yukiko, friend Dianne, Brendan and me wrangling 1 ten year old, 2 five year olds, 3 two year olds and a 2 month old.  Mid-week was a great choice because we had the group campsite all to ourselves. We went to the beach, and some of us went swimming. And some of us didn't (brrrr...). Some of us wore bathing suits. And some of us didn't...


We roasted things in the fire. Some intentionally. No children accidentally roasted their fingers, cousins or sibling - though we had some near misses... There may have been some crying in the tents at night.  None of it was the baby.


Aidan made sure to thoroughly inspect all the tents. He'd crawled in and snuggled under as if he was going to bed about as soon as I could get the sleeping bags spread out! Actually, for a second I was sure he was going to have a nap, but things outside the tent got too exciting for him.


Josie's version: We roasted hotdogs and made s'mores. We went to the beach. Erika and I found clams. Most were dead but one was alive. It spat water at us. Then we saw lots of minnows.


Dan's version: We roasted marshmallows on the last morning (ed note: Huh? marshmallows were at night!) and went swimming. We sleeped in the tent. Erika had the biggest tent too.


Erika's version: We ate marshmallows. The best part was sleeping in our tents. We roasted hot dogs and went into the water.


Elizabeth's version: Find some clams. For me. And Josie. They were in the water. We didn't eat em. There were fish in the water. I holp put up our tent.


Maria's version: Maya like camping.

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August 30, 2011
Sink Baby

Elizabeth's favourite game of pretend is "being a baby". The other day Daddy was telling her about when she was small enough to take her baths in the sink.  Somehow this led to a demonstration during toothbrushing time...


Daddy thinks it's hard to believe that she used to fit.  Mommy thinks it's hard to believe that she still does!

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August 28, 2011
Uncle Dave is OLD

Most people equate height with age, so I can tease my baby brother about being extremely old without worrying about whether that makes me old too...


Lasagna, salad, carrot cake and watermelon for birthday treat. Spectacular sunset not adequately captured by our camera but it was an unusually brilliant blue behind us and deep reds and oranges in front of us.  We duly frolicked in the ditch (grass median?) beside the road behind Dave and Karen's house watching the sun for a while.


Dave's presents reflected his recent status change from apartment dweller to proud home owner with a tendency to pull his outlets out of the wall to see why they aren't working. He's promised he'll turn off the power first before doing any other electrical work... The "weasel" was likely the hit of the night; such a strange looking and dangerous garden tool.


But the real noteworthy event of the night was that we got a picture of the six cousins together, including mini-Dave in tummy ;)

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August 27, 2011

picnic (n): An outing or occasion that involves taking a packed meal to be eaten outdoors


Perhaps the local splashpad isn't what Mommy would normally think of when deciding on a picnic location, but Elizabeth was insistent. I suspect part of the appeal was having both parents at the park at once! "Orange swimsuit" had to come as well, of course.

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August 26, 2011
2.5 Bear Pictures

So, Elizabeth is two and a half, and wiggly. 88cm tall and weighs 25 lbs. Very talkative, she loves to tell narratives and stories about things around her. Most of the time we understand her, but it is always easier if she's talking about something we witnessed! Especially if she's pulling out the big words. She's rather reserved with strangers and dogs (actually any animal that gets too close). Unless said stranger has a toy car, ball or chocolate...


She loves the rain. At the cottage she prayed nightly for rain. A single raindrop and she'd tell us "It's raining. Prolly I should get my boots!"


She's always surprising us with what she remembers. For instance, I told her winter was coming soon. "Yay yay yay!" said Elizabeth "Mommy will pull me in my liddle sled onna snow".


I think winter is going to be a bit of a shock though, because she's quite keen on going barefoot these days at every opportunity. She almost always asks permission.


Still asking a lot of "whys", but if she already knows the answer she's really dying to be asked herself...


I wouldn't have thought I'd be writing this six months ago, but Elizabeth's not nearly as picky an eater as she used to be. No "tamoes" (tomatoes), "tatoes" (potatoes - sweet or otherwise), berries, onions, raw vegetables that aren't cucumber and beans. But she'll eat pretty much everything else. Favourite foods include pasta, nori, rice, cucumber, apple, broccoli, "Mr Fish", "Mr Chicken", "Mr Ham", raisins, goldfish crackers and bacon. She still loves ice cream and chocolate, but perhaps that goes without saying. She actually says that she likes berries, but doesn't eat them. Onions, however? "Elizabeth not like onions".

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