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September 30, 2011

Elizabeth got to hold Xander "by self" for the first time... She's been working up to it for a while. She was a bit nervous but desire won out. Mommy held on to Xander's head just in case!


September 29, 2011

The day after Xander was born, Erika and Maria came for supper while Uncle Chris and Auntie Yukiko went on date night. The girls watched Grandpa H's video of the new baby, and then decided they wanted to make a video too.  The resulting video letter to Uncle Mark was too cute not to post...


We do have it in better quality, for those of you are interested.


September 27, 2011

There's not really a lot to say about these photos. Except for BABY (baby) BABY!


Mind you, now that new cousin has arrived Elizabeth has actually started to tell us that she's a big girl instead of endlessly pretending that she's a baby.  She puts her hands way up in the air and stretches tall. "I'm big!" she exclaims.


September 26, 2011

When we went camping, Elizabeth made a little house out of sticks and told me the pine cones were "sheep". We also found a few acorns. I've always thought looked like little men in hats, but they work as sheep heads too, don't they?


Originally I was going to make the sheep legs out of twigs but the beads worked better. We used hot glue for assembly, which was easy but not exactly toddler-hands-on. That's why we only made three sheep (Mommy, Daddy and baby, of course...) The "peacock" and "fox" creatures were a little better because Elizabeth could put the feathers on without too much risk of burning herself.


She's very proud of her creatures. But toddler play with pinecones hotglued to acorns frequently results in decapitation. Good thing they are easy to glue back together!




September 25, 2011

Xander and his parents are home from the hospital. Poor Uncle Dave was so sick (food poisoning? lack of sleep?) but luckily Grandpa H was able to drive them home.  Grandpa didn't fly down to Kitchener as planned because his airplane had a "non-emergency mechanical issue".  Auntie Janice was less than impressed - she was supposed to fly back on the aborted round trip. She got home eventually, despite faulty spark plugs, thunderstorms, closing of the 401, and missing her second scheduled flight as a result, but she felt like she could have walked most of the way!


Uncle Dave: "Before the baby was born, everyone told me to sleep when baby sleeps and that I would be more tired than I'd ever been before. I nodded and smiled but inside I was saying to myself... I dunno, I've been pretty tired! But you know Mary? THEY WERE SO RIGHT!"


Xander is still cute, though his parents say he's also pretty smelly when he farts. Which is frequently. Allegedly. As a doting aunt, I don't believe a word of it...


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