October 24, 2011
Happy Birthday Grandma J

Despite Grandma J's best efforts to avoid her birthday this year, we eventually celebrated in proper style with yummy Chinese food and gluten-free carrot cake. Grandma came back from epic cruising with Grandpa only to leave immediately on a week-long business trip, but now that she's back she says she's really retired now :)  Elizabeth said that Grandma left Grandpa behind because Grandma knew that Elizabeth wanted to play with him.  When she's three, Elizabeth's apparently going to go on a business trip too. And maybe she'll take Grandma with her. Or Grandpa. Because Grandma gets to go on more airplanes. Mommy doesn't get to go because Elizabeth will be big then.


Auntie Janice made Grandma those nifty earrings - my baby sister is pretty talented, yes?

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October 23, 2011

RAWR! Elizabeth saw her second theatre "movie" today - Dinosaurs 3D at the museum of Nature with cousins Daniel and Josie.


Daniel found it pretty scary and insisted on watching most of it without the special glasses. Josie insisted on sitting in the front row in front of the rest of us.  Every time something jumped out at us she turned around and whispered "THAT was SCARY". (I nearly got the giggles) Elizabeth was very quiet and snuggled on my lap the whole time, but kept the glasses on and obliged me by counting dinosaurs and pointing to babies and trees everytime I asked her a question to make sure she wasn't being traumatized for life. Afterwards she said that the only scary part was "waiting for the video" and "when they turned off the lights at the beginning". The dinosaurs themselves weren't scary, she said, rather dismissively.


We tried to get a few pictures with the "realistic" looking dinos, but the kids were not feeling cooperative. The resulting grumpy face video amuses me greatly. Daniel and Elizabeth were very into the dinosaurs, but Josie was more interested in the dawn horse display.

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October 22, 2011
The birds and the bees

Elizabeth and I took Erika with us on our latest trip to the Agriculture museum. At goat feeding time (2:45pm every day!) Erika actually got to go inside the pen to pat all of the goats. Have I mentioned that now is a great time to visit this museum? It's quiet so the staff have time to go the extra mile. I decided Elizabeth wasn't ready for such an intense experience, especially since I wasn't invited! Good call since some of them like to shake hands by putting their hoofs on your chest. Erika wasn't sure what she thought of that, but rallied to pet all of the goats more than once. Brave girl! Elizabeth reckons she'll be ready to face the goats "when she's three", though she rather wistfully pointed out "I'm pretty big now, Mom!"


Then we went to visit the newest mommy cow, who was still in the process of birthing the placenta. The kids were fascinated, and full of questions, especially this one little boy whose mom seemed rather embarrassed by the whole thing.  I personally think it's a bonus that visiting the farm means there are lots of opportunities to talk naturally about "the birds and the bees", but don't think the other mom felt the same way as she repeatedly told her son that they'd "discuss it later".  Of course that meant that he just asked every. single. adult he met! Elizabeth has already seen an actual birth (baby pig) but she was still mesmerized. It was really chilly but she cried when I insisted it was time to keep moving. She was also blown away to learn that many of the cows are around her age when they first become moms. "I bet I have a baby in my tummy right now too", she said, pulling up her shirt so we could all pat her tummy. Erika thought it looked rather "ouch-y". "Did it hurt MY mom when she had me?" she demanded. I told her that moms don't mind once they have their babies.

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October 21, 2011
Peer pressure

Elizabeth and I visit the Agriculture Museum regularly, though we've cut back from our daily spring schedule. Despite frequent visits, she has never dared sit on the "horse" until friend Aidan did.


Elizabeth was very interested to see what the cows eat. We were able to look at the corn growing in the energy garden and see the bits all chopped up, ready to be put into the silo.

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October 20, 2011
Silly Bapa

Elizabeth's Grandpa J is affectionately referred to as "silly" Grandpa by his doting grandchildren, something that he encourages. This is not at all surprising given that he delights in recounting about the time that a young Uncle Mark called home. "Is this Floozy?" Mark asked, referring to one of Grandpa's many nicknames. "Do you know what a floozy IS?" the horrified parent demanded Grandpa J.


I think he should be called "Super" Grandpa because he will read a nearly unlimited number of Mother Goose bedtime rhymes...

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