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November 25, 2011

This is Auntie Janice dancing with Elizabeth upon discovery that Auntie Janice had made her first Etsy sale. To Australia!!!


Talented Auntie Janice...


PS Need cute earrings or necklaces? I can totally hook you up...


November 24, 2011

The forecast told us that we'd be saying goodbye to winter and hello again to fall. So when Elizabeth decided she wanted to make snowmen, we seized the moment. It was getting dark and the snow was so wet that it instantly soaked through our mittens but soaring temperatures meant the wet hardly mattered.


By morning baby and mommy snowman went "on a trip" while the Daddy decided to take a nap. The temperature rose to nearly twelve degrees! At the end of November! In Ottawa!!!


Elizabeth was a bit sad to see the snow go.


Very odd to have mosquitoes buzzing around while putting up Christmas lights, so while we've been enjoying the mild weather this family is ready for a really cold snap now.  Besides, we need the canal to freeze so we can skate...


November 23, 2011

Elizabeth has been rather anxious to wear her winter boots but it's been so mild that we were starting to wonder if winter would ever arrive!


We first started discussions way back in September, when I told her that first the leaves would fall off the trees, then the snow would come, and then she could wear her boots. She's been repeating this ever since. It's not unheard of for snow to fall before our Norway maple loses its leaves, but this year the sequence worked to the day. The last leaves fell, we raked and then presto! It snowed! Hopefully she understands that this is not cause and effect.


She was so excited to see the snow that she insisted on going outside to play before breakfast. Mommy was possibly a little excited too... We made snow footprints, we went for a sled ride, we made snow angels and before we knew it we'd been outdoors for an hour and a half.  Mommy was very tired because the snow was packing snow and tough to pull even lightweight toddlers through that! But we went around the block twice and then to Dow's lake to see the ducks and back. Elizabeth was ready to come in because her feet were getting cold, but after fifteen minutes of warming up and some breakfast she wanted to go back out again. 


The temperature is going back up to the double digits (!!) this weekend so the snow will melt, but it's been great fun so far. I'm even looking forward to winter...


November 21, 2011

I've had a guided tour by Janice at the Aviation museum before, but Auntie Yukiko hadn't. So when we heard the tour announcement over the PA system we quickly assembled at the appointed location.


I figured I would take Elizabeth and Maria aside as soon as they got bored, but apparently I underestimated my sister's ability to engage the very small.


She had us dancing to explain how airplanes move, hugging to explain how engines work and flying from plane to plane to keep little ones engaged.


I was expecting to find the material repetitive, but silly me - there's apparently lots of interesting anecdotes about each airplanes and so chances are that the stories aren't the same from one tour to the next.


Last time the most interesting thing I learned was that ejection seats cause micro-fractures in the spine (which is a good reason not to practice ejecting!) This time I was very surprised to find out that the F-18s can travel from Ottawa to Toronto in a mere ten minutes. Our jets can get to any point in Canada within half an hour. That's amazing! I would travel to Toronto a whole lot more if it just took ten minutes! Although I guess the G-forces would be a bit of a deterrent, not to mention the $$$ for fuel!


The tiny plane that carried eight prisoners of war was impressive too, but clearly none of them were sized like our husbands...


November 20, 2011

We went to the museum of Science and Tech for Science and Kids day. We haven't been there in a while because Elizabeth finds it very loud and a bit overwhelming. Besides, the other museums are a bit closer to us!


We were greeted at the door by Pixel the robot, who was surrounded by kids trying to get him to do things. "Can you dance?" asked one little boy.  "I can!" the robot proclaimed in a deep voice before demonstrating his spins to music. "Can you dance?" the excited gaggle of kids demanded again. "I just did" said the robot. "Do it again!" they demanded. "What's the magic word?" the robot asked. "Pleeeease????" asked the kids. And so the robot danced again. This time one of the staff joined in and helped Elizabeth twirl around to the music too.


Then we headed to the trains. "I'm so 'cited" she giggled (trains are currently a BIG interest). The energy exhibit is a bit too old for Elizabeth so we didn't spend much time there but all were interested in the gorgeous new glass exhibit.  It's so beautiful I'd like to bring some of it home with me... Maybe in the basement somewhere, someday? Not the bullet hole part though! Brendan thought the motion detector enabled privacy glass was neat too.


Soon the ambient noise and especially the loud buzzing sounds from the electricity demo started to hurt Elizabeth's ears and it was time to go home. But not before pretending to be network packets with Mom and Dad.


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