April 19, 2012
Sleeping Beauty

Elizabeth has been experimenting with her identity recently. A favourite game is pretending to be one of her cousins. Recently she refused to answer to anything but 'Erika' for well over 48 hours. "And Mom, you be 'Kiko and Dad is Uncle Kiss" (ie Yukiko and Chris) Maria joined our family too, sometimes as one of her bears, sometimes just an invisible "extra". While 'tending to be Erika, Elizabeth told everyone she was five years old (this was just before Erika's recent birthday) and tried to do everything the way that Erika does. She ate mushrooms without complaint and insisted that she would go to bed by herself. But at naptime she turned into Elizabeth "just for a moment" because she wanted to nurse. There are apparently limits!


Daddy and I played along to a point, especially when having "Erika" around was to our advantage. Did I mention that Erika eats everything? But I drew the line when Elizabeth started telling me off for speaking English. "'Kiko talks different sounds, Momma. Speak Yapanese!!!"


When she got tired of being Erika, she decided to try Xander's life for a bit. He only eats mashed banna (banana), can't talk and constantly needs diaper changes. The not talking part doesn't last long. Elizabeth has far too many words welling up inside her that are just bursting to come out.

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April 13, 2012

My Auntie Mary gave us an amaryllis bulb to plant. Despite confusing instructions on the package and dire warnings from Jesse ("this won't end well", he opined), it actually grew and flowered beautifully! It was timed perfectly for Easter. Brendan wouldn't let me bring it down to New Hamburg with us but luckily it was still going strong by the time we got back.


Thank you Mary!

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April 11, 2012

Elizabeth has always hated lying on her back to the point that we did diaper changes upside-down on her tummy. The last round of swimming lessons wanted her to float on her back every lesson, which usually took every trick in my arsenal to accomplish (ie: M&Ms are magic). Even so, she'd often panic and try to sit up instead of relaxing on the water. A thin floating mat available at the pool was helpful but it was clear we still needed to work on this skill.


Turns out she also hates water being poured over her head at bathtime, so we negotiated a deal. She'd learn to rinse her own hair in her own time by lying down in the "water bed" tub, and I'd quit dumping buckets over her head. Now we just have to work on the floating part...

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April 10, 2012
Chocolate Eggs

I wanted to try silk dyed eggs this year, but wasn't planning to eat the results. Since I'm not terribly keen on eating food coloured dyed eggs the idea of actually eating a random clothing dyed egg? So not going to happen! It's hardly likely that clothing manufacturers factor food safety into their dye choices...


What to do? Here's Brendan's account:


"Mommy came up with a frightening idea this year.  Blow out an egg and then... wait for it... fill it with chocolate.  Sounds yummy, but how to do it?  We tried a number of different approaches based on advice from the Internet.  First we soaked the eggs in cold water for ten minutes to soften them up a bit.  Then we tried drilling holes in them.  This worked alright for small holes but was a dismal failure for large holes.  Even with the drill in reverse it was just too prone to cracking the eggs.  We reverted the using a pin to enlarge the holes.  After blowing them out we then sterilized the shells in boiling water (holding them down with a steamer) and then somehow conned Janice into filling them for us.


She had WAY too much fun, using a small medicine syringe to put chocolate and peanut butter/raspberry ganache /blackberry ganache into the empty egg shells.  It worked alright until it came to time to eat them.  They were surprisingly hard to peel in order to get at the chocolate goodness inside.  An interesting experiment that probably requires some further refinement.  Mmm refinement."

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April 9, 2012
Wheelchair races
We had the chance to have lunch with Great Grandma and Grandpa before taking off back towards home.  Elizabeth rode on both Grandma and Grandpa's laps while they whizzed around.  Grandpa is actually getting quite slick with his electric wheelchair now that he is feeling better.  After lunch we headed off to the tiny village of Toronto to visit with Ryan, Lauren & Donna and kids and great auntie Muriel (whom Elizabeth has been asking to visit ever since we told her we were going on a trip).  We had a great visit with Ryan and then all went over the Lauren and Donna's place to be joined by Muriel for dinner before heading back to Muriel's for the night.  We had a lovely visit with everyone and it was great to see the second cousins playing so nicely together.
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